Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A glimpse inside....

my little studio...

This is where I paint and write - and I've been trying to make it more arty and pretty - so that its a cosy place to work.

and in other news:

I've received a professional critique on the beginnings of my novel!
Delighted to say that it was mostly good news with just a few "tweaks" to be made. The lady thought that it was "beautifully written, with a lyrical, light feel" and she even compared my writing to the late, great Maeve Binchy!
I am thrilled and spurred on also!

Have a wonderful day, all xx


  1. What a great and creative place is your studio! And I am not surprised that your novel had such good comments, you are a wonderful writer judging from what I read in your posts!

  2. Oh, Pa~~t!!!
    You did a great work! Congrats!! Keep up writing and enjoy it. Regarding the studio, oh, again, full of love, joy and wonderful work. Thank you for sharing the good news.
    Best wishes, hugs, Sadami

  3. I'd say you succeeded in making your studio inviting and pretty. Great idea using cork-board to display your art! Congrats on the great review of your novel in progress!

  4. Really cosy, Pat! I felt invited to come in and enjoy your paintings.
    Good news about your novel, congrats!

  5. It's lovely to have your own little place to create isn't it?
    And wow - congratulations! How exciting for you! :0)

  6. LOVE your work space Pat! So nice how you can display your artwork. And so happy for you and your writing success. So talented.

  7. Oh wow! Maeve Binchy! That’s a great compliment! I’ve enjoyed every one of her books. Now I am anxiously awaiting yours! :)

  8. Your studio looks so inviting, Pat! Congradulations on the early review of your writing - it sounds very positive!!!
    Kathryn xx

  9. Your creative space looks quite nice. I wish I could say the same for mine.
    How wonderful to get such a great review on your novel. That would be very encouraging.

  10. ¡Felicidades por las buenas críticas que recibe tu obra literaria!
    Tienes un estudio muy acogedor xx

  11. Dear Pat,
    What a wonderful work space you have! And congratulations on your writing!!! I just bought my son paints for his birthday...and thought about you! He has always wanted to try his hand at let's see!
    Blessings for your writing...and painting of course!

  12. Thats such a beautiful, organized and cosy studio.. Love to be there all day and paint. :)
    And great to hear about your book. Congratulations.

  13. Pat I would love to come paint with you in your studio. It looks lovely and great news about your writing - you are so multi-talented. Have a wonderful day my friend.

  14. I think you did a wonderful job on your space too.

    I have been trying to motivate myself to set up a studio again for years now.

    Congratulations on the good review of your book!!

    Happy day!!:-)

  15. Your atelier looks pretty cozy Pat! Inspiration enough with all those paintings around you. Very nice and thank you that you have shown to us:)

  16. I can't believe I'm not a follower, Pat!! I am now (hope you don't mind).
    You run a really uplifting and interesting blog

    Your studio looks so organised ... mine is chaos!

    Snap! I'm a writer too, just editing a thriller and half way through a biography.

  17. Dear Pat
    What a warm and inviting place to create.. A novel? This is wonderful!!!! I had no idea..
    Thank you so much for your visit and sweet note.
    Blessings this holiday season.

  18. what a cozy little corner. i love that your have a bright, sunny spot to paint. and congratulations on your novel moving along! wish you the best with it!

  19. That looks lovely and cozy and cheerful Pat. Great to see so many of your paintings all together there, I was scooting close up to the screen seeing which ones I recognised

  20. Oh Pat that is great news about your novel. Your studio looks fab so tidy and so unlike mine. I hope you and yours have a great Christmas and New Year. See you in 2013. xx


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