Monday, 22 July 2013

Pure Pleasure

Painting is pure pleasure to me.
There's something about wielding a brush, or pouring paint and tilting a board, that makes me smile.
Time is of no consequence when I paint, I am lost in swishing or tilting, then making something recognisable from the results.
Its a fabulous hobby that can make you forget time and the pressures of a day.
I'm not surprised so many of us enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy viewing the latest results of me, having fun.


To Be Free

both are painted on Saunders Waterford, 140lb Rough.
That's my new favourite paper. I love rough paper for all the texture you can achieve on it, as well as the way the paint flows and fizzes together, effortlessly.

They are also both quarter sheet in size - 15x11 inches - which is my favourite size to paint. Its my favourite size because its one easily accommodated in most houses; easy to file too, should I be keeping the painting and rotating it in my own house.

How about you, do you paint? Is it enjoyable to you? Do you have a favourite paper or size? Or are you one of my many followers who happen to love looking at my pretty pictures?

Whichever you are, wish you a fabulous week. Until next time.


  1. Hi, Pat, both are so beautiful!! It's a great joy for us, viewers. Thank u.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  2. I know the feeling painting can give you! Even if the outcome is horrible, it is always an enjoyable experience. These two paintings are pure pleasure to look at, Pat! I love the sunflower!

  3. Really love both paintings Pat. I usually go for NOT paper. I have used rough paper but found it difficult to create detail, which put me off, then again I was probably doing the wrong subject for the paper, ummmm, I need to think about this.

  4. Playing with colors is always fun. And I can see that you are having a lot of it. Carry on enjoying. Great work.

  5. Wonderful pieces, that sunflower just makes me smile. Love the process of creating, there is something special that happens inside while I'm developing a piece. My new fav surface are wood panels with deep sides :-)

  6. Pat your paintings are delightful especially the sunflower with its bright and breezy feel. I understand what you mean about paper size. I always think about storage too so I use the same size as you or smaller. I actually do not like painting too big anyway. It takes too long and becomes too unmanageable for my liking.

  7. Very nice paintings. I don't paint but have always wished I could. I do get that same feeling though when I'm immersed in my hobbies. They just sort of take you away

  8. Yes Pat, I love looking at your works and just like you I also enjoy painting. Thank you for sharing your works and I hope you continue to do so. I like your paintings above, but the bright sunflower really captured my eyes. It's beautiful.
    By the way, congratulations for the birth of your future king, third in line.

  9. Can I be both? LOL I do love looking at your paintings!

  10. These are both beautiful Pat! I love the colours in the first and the tranquility of the second. Great techniques! My favourite paper for watercolour is Archers Rough. And I have one Winsor & Newton Series 7 Sable brush which was a real treat for a birthday :0)

  11. I feel just like you when I am designing a new digital collage Pat. Time has no meaning...
    Well I love your Sea but that Sunflower....well it's so good I could eat it! Hugs xx

  12. Painting IS pure pleasure! You described it so very well, Pat! I love both the paintings, and especially that brilliant sunflower. It really looks like you and the Saunders Waterford agree with each other. :)
    I wish you much more continued joy with you painting, Pat. XX

  13. The sunflowers really caught my attention. I love them. I get frustrated and hardly ever like what I paint, but oh I do enjoy wielding my brushes and making the paint blush. I use a similar size to you as it is easier to get frames and mounts and especially good for storing. Look forward to your next post

  14. Hi Pat,
    Such beauty I find here.. I love them both.
    Your talent with the brush is a real pleasure to the eyes.
    Thank you for visiting and your kind words.

  15. Those are wonderful paintings, Pat! I can't believe you got the sea painted so realistically and yet impression-like.

  16. I loved both these paintings. There is a lot of 'feel' in both. And I also like 11x15 size. Though now a days I do more on 15x22.

  17. Dear Pat - the joy of painting comes across in these lovely pieces. Your sunflower is gorgeous - a favorite flower of mine (lol-all flowers are a favorite!) Thank you for sharing.

  18. Hi Pat:) Your paintings are so beautiful especially the fire cracker! The strong colors are amazing! Painting starts when I'm choosing the colors I need. I close myself into my own world and let nobody in:) But I'm also "just" one of your followers who like to look at your pretty paintings!xx


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