Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Sweet Valentine.... and a longer break..

Dear blogger friends,

It seems that it may be some time before my OH is better, so the break from blogging may be longer than I first thought.
As and when I have time to paint, I am. I am posting whatever paintings I do on my gallery site. There I don't have to write text, which I would have to do if blogging. Plus, the fun of blogging is in visiting you all - and currently that would take too much time. I am so sorry to be missing.

If you would like to see any paintings I do create, you can visit my gallery site here
If you join the mailing list, you will be notified every time a painting is added.

In the meantime, here is my latest
My Sweet Valentine

Thank you all for your understanding - and will see you again, when OH is better. xx


  1. While I do miss seeing your posts your absence is perfectly understandable. Hope you'll be able to return to blogging soon.
    Love this painting, very nice

  2. Prayers of good health to you and yours
    You are missed. I look forward to viewing you work on you gallery. Take care

  3. Lovely image! I wish your DH a speedy recovery.

  4. Dear Pat, I hope all is better soon. You will be missed. Take care. xx.

  5. Sending you long distance {{{hugs}}} and hope OH is feeling better soon!

  6. Dear Pat - I am just catching up with your posts friend...will be praying for you and hubby...take care and know that you are not alone...will be doing some real looking up for you. God Bless!

  7. All the best for you and your husband, I hope to see you back soon! Take care, xx Judy

  8. I hope all is back to normal for you soon Pat :0)
    The painting is lovely!

  9. I agree with Sandra.. The painting is lovely.. I am praying here for you..

  10. I just noticed this, so sorry hubby is ill, hope he is better soon. Your paintings are lovely and I love dropping in to your blog, but your family is the most important


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