Monday, 30 June 2014


Yesterday, we lost our darling girl, Missy.
See you again in Heaven, sweetheart.

Love is a magical potion, the antidote to evil.
Treasure Love, wherever you find it.
RIP, MissyChief.
Xmas 1997- June 2014


  1. My dear Pat, I am so very, very sorry. My love and deepest caring thoughts to you and your husband.

  2. Dear Pat,
    Oh, so sorry. How painful.... Cry as much as you like. I keep praying for you and Paul.
    Big hugs, Sadami

  3. Prayers and sympathies for your loss
    Missy has a lovely face with a personality that will last forever in your hearts.

  4. Was so saddened to get the news yesterday
    A light went out but It didn't grow dark
    For passing could not kill that spark
    The spark of love so true and real
    That way beyond parting loved ones feel
    Those sparkling eyes and wagging tail
    always raised a smile without fail
    Head turned and squinting to the side
    The obvious love was hard to hide
    Chief by name so loyal and brave
    So pleased they picked you to save
    Loved by all who's lives you graced
    And now you live on in a special place
    Rainbow bridge has fresh pawprints today
    The sun has one more radiant ray
    There is another star so bright
    That will burn throughout the night
    All these things to remember Missy Chief
    with love and fondness beyond belief

    Sleep tight Missy so pleased I had the pleasure of meeting you xx

  5. Dearest Pat and Paul, I'm so sorry you lost your sweet Missy. Sending you lots of hugs from across the pond.
    {{{love, Dora}}}}

  6. Oh, no! Pat, I'm so sorry. I'm sending you and your husband love and love to your sweet girl in Heaven.

  7. Oh Pat, I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

  8. Oh, Pat! I'm sorry to read that such a sweet soul has left us. She will be missed.

  9. Pat, I was so very sorry to read about Missy.
    I know how much it hurts and you will always keep the memories.
    She was such a sweetheart. ..

  10. Oh, Pat! I am so sorry to hear about Missy! {{{hugs}}} to you and Hubby. I know the pain of losing a fur baby.

  11. Piccola Missy,un'altra stellina che rende il cielo più luminoso..

  12. Pat I just heard about Missy. I'm so sorry. My prayers are with you.

  13. Oh my dears, I am So sorry. It's the memories that are so precious now. Thinking of you.

  14. Dear Pat, so so very sorry. Missy was such a big part of your life and we, your blogfriends, have enjoyed her adventures with you. Big hugs, I know she is in Heaven.

  15. Dear Pat.
    Missy was always with you, and in your paintings .
    So I had that feeling to know her well.
    I'm so sorry that she has crossed the rainbow bridge.
    I can imagine how much you'll miss her.

  16. Very sorry for your loss Pat. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Sending a hug your way!

  17. So very sorry to hear of your loss Pat. Missy was as much a part of your blog as you and your art .... we shall all miss her. Big hugs.

  18. I read only now...I'm very sad :( xx Arianna


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