Saturday, 20 September 2014

A challenge given - and the resulting Preserve the Moment

Over on Painting Friends forum (new members welcome, join HERE)
Mollie Jones, a talented artist from Texas, took some photos of a glass and fruit set up - and challenged each of us to produce an art work from one of the photos.

I chose one photo and adapted it to my vision. I didn't include everything in the photo, I left out a dish with extra fruit, I added in more sunshine and a bright background - and generally tried to make the thing my own.

Here is the painting that I created:

Preserve the Moment.

Painted on Saunders Waterford 140Rough, 
size 15" x 11"


  1. Lovely painting.
    I like the arrangement creating its own story.
    Have a great week-end, Pat

  2. Gorgeous colours, Pat! Beautiful contrast with the blue!

  3. It's very pretty. I love the colors and now I am a bit hungry for some of those preservers

  4. Congrats, Pat, a very lovely work!!! Best wishes, Sadami

  5. Lovely! You do glass and shiny things so well!

  6. Great job Pat. The colors are great.

  7. This is really good Pat. I can taste that preserve.

  8. Pat - this is gorgeous and I love the title too. You are certainly one talented lady my friend. Have a delightful day.

  9. Glad that you have now more time to paint. Thank you for dropping by in my blog. Have not visited for some time some blogs due to my long vacation. This painting is beautiful, I like its soft style.

  10. Hi Pat, good too see you.
    This painting is excellent.

  11. Pat- I absolutely love your painting. This is one of my favorites of yours! I hope to be getting back to a routine of blogging and painting again after a crazy year away. I'll be checking in with you often. Again, nice work!


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