Monday, 26 January 2015

Making and painting a card using Saunders Waterford paper

Do you still write letters, or do you only stay in contact via email?
I still like to write a letter every now and then.
So when I do, I paint a little card to go along with it, to make it extra special.

I take a piece of Saunders Waterford paper 140lb, Rough. Size wise - about 8x 11inches.
Fold it in half and run a ruler down the fold line to make a proper crease, that works like a hinge. Then the card will sit flat when you pop it in an envelope - and stand up like a bought card when the recipient opens it.

Once that's done, I tape it down to my drawing board, like so

The reason for this, is once you paint the card and take the tape off, it leaves a lovely neat edge which enhances the painting.
The tape is low tack masking tape, specifically designed for painters. 

Something like this:

and somewhere in the world, someone will be opening a card like this, very soon.
Why not make your own and send it out in the world? I know it'll be appreciated. 


  1. Thank u, Pat, for sharing the precious wisdom and the beauty of communication. You're legend!!! xxx Sadami

  2. What kind of tape do you use? Have always had trouble with the tape coming off and giving unevevn folds to the paper.

    1. Excellent question - and I will amend my post! The tape is low tack masking tape. If you remove it slowly it doesn't tear the paper.

  3. Dear Pat - thank you for sharing this lovely card not only with the recipient but me as well. Wonderful idea and a one of a kind. I know who ever is receiving this they will love it. Have a super week. Hugs

  4. Beautiful card. Using watercolor or drawing paper allows the painting to be matted and framed. Thank you for the post. Card making is a good for the Winter list of happy things to do.

  5. Someone is going to be very lucky, it's a very pretty card! Pat, I love working with Saunders Waterford paper. I use it almost exclusively.

  6. That's not just a letter, it's a gift. I don't write many letters any more but I think I should start. Real mail is so much nicer than an email or a text

  7. Such a sweet addition to a letter and one of your special paintings to keep and frame. Lucky recipient I say :-)

  8. Hi Pat. What a great idea! I used to make my own cards a long time ago but had forgotten until now! So much nicer than a store bought one and i bet they end up framed! Thanks also for visiting my blog the other day. I greatly appreciate your feedback and value your visit. Have a great painting day! :)

  9. Lovely card, Pat! I like sending postcards. ;)

  10. A lovely idea. Thank you for explaining your process ... I might have a go. ;-)


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