Monday, 9 February 2015

When your vase is filled with flowers, paint them!

Good morning friends.

In the last post I told you to look down if you needed inspiration - and today I'm saying if anyone gives you flowers - once they are in the vase - paint them!
That way, you get twice the pleasure from one bouquet.

Which is what I did when my darling OH brought me flowers.
Funnily, when he was buying them, he was asked what he'd done wrong, that he needed to buy flowers for his wife. Isn't it a shame that was someone's first thought? He was told, nothing wrong, it's because I love her and she loves flowers, so I buy her some!

In this painting, I experimented with a few different techniques.
All great fun  - and very important to experiment, I feel. It makes you grow as an artist.
I hope you enjoy looking at this painting; painted on Saunders Waterford and measuring 8x11 inches.



  1. Hi Pat, Everyone including me is painting flowers!
    I suppose they're waiting for Spring..
    Even here in Florida this time of year.. goes to sleep in its own way..

  2. Such a beautiful painting and a great story to go with :-)

  3. What a gorgeous bouquet , wonderful colors, great impact !

  4. That is a beautiful bouquet and how sweet of him to buy them for you just because :)

  5. Pat - this is beautiful. I can feel your gratitude for your hubby's thoughtfulness. I agree why would someone think the worst. Sounds to me like that hubby is a real gem. I like the use of your techniques in this painting.. Did you use a bit of salt for texture. Very lovely friend. Have a great day.

  6. This is wonderful! I am botanically impaired, so I admire your talent to make such a lovely boquet!

  7. Paaat! What a beautiful work you've done!!! Your teachniques get better and better. You've got to teach me.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  8. Lovely and colourful vase! Arianna

  9. Stunning! And I love the story behind the painting.

  10. What a lovely explosion of colour ... those yellowy-greens are scrumptious. Great work Pat.

  11. What a pretty bouquet of flowers, and so nicely painted. And such a sweet hubby :) You are so lucky!

  12. Beautiful! My husband bought me flowers and hid them. They just about died! He's done this before.

  13. Love the idea, if anyone gives you flowers - once they are in the vase - paint them! I will definitely give this thought a try. Must say, you colored beautiful painting. Check out the link:


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