Monday, 27 July 2015

Still Waiting

I couldn't wait to get stuck into my new DVDs and one of the books I bought at the All About Art event.
Watercolours Unleashed was the first book & Dvd combo that I devoured from cover to disk!

Then I had a little experiment, all of my own...

and this, Still Waiting ... is the result.

Painted on Bockingford High White, it's a quarter sheet in size, and it was created using watercolour, Winsor & Newton inks, FW acrylic ink and W&N Texture medium...

oh it was fun to do! I hope it's fun for you to view...


  1. It is fun to view. I love it. I'm really liking all the texture to it. It's wonderful

  2. I like it! Nice work, Pat!

  3. Love the texture of the flowing water. It has so much movement. Just awesome.

  4. This is wonderful, love the way you painted the backdrop


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