Sunday, 13 March 2016

A gift of Aqua Bronzes and The Sparkly Podium

Over Christmas, I received some art related gifts. One of these was a set of three Aqua Bronze painting mediums.
To see how these would behave, I decided to make a painting using all three. What better way than to paint the bottles themselves?

First we have the bronze Aqua Bronze

then we have the silver Aqua Bronze

and the Gold Aqua Bronze

finally, the finished painting - The Sparkly Podium

I love these mediums and can see where they will be very useful for adding highlights to paintings. I'm looking forward to using them again, soon. 


  1. what a nice gift. I love the texture they have to them

  2. Fun to get new arty stuff! The colours are very nice looking.

  3. I love product paintings! ♥♥♥♥ These look like you're going to have fun with them.

  4. Dear Pat what a great idea for a painting. They really add something. Love it friend. Hugs

  5. That looks like a great new medium, Pat.


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