Monday, 28 August 2017

The Evolution Series, a collection of primates

When I painted the first of these primates, a good friend suggested I should called the painting "Evolution" .

I liked the name and it also inspired me to paint a couple more, using different techniques. So here you have the complete "Evolution Series"

I hope you enjoy them.



Painted on St Cuthbert's Mill Saunders Waterford 140R paper, using Winsor & Newton paint


  1. Hi Pat, do you know, of all these paintings, I like the final one (P1) best. Yet it isn't a conventional one, you have painted this, as they say "outside the box". The effect is perfect somehow. I guess it is all in the eye on the beholder.

  2. All three are wonderful Pat...think the top one is so dreamy. You captured a sweetness in the eyes. Take care and have a great day.

  3. Very interesting series! Who knew primates could be so interesting? :)

  4. The first on has a pensive look on his face, beautiful eyes.


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