Monday, 9 January 2012

More sketching

Over in our Painting Friends forum, we're having a daily sketch challenge.
So far, I am enjoying the discipline of knowing I ought to pick up the sketchbook every day and do something!
Some will be whimsical and some more traditional, whatever takes my fancy on the day.

I am approaching this with the idea that it should be fun and not a chore.
Yes, we could all do with improving - me included- but I don't want to do that at the expense of losing the joy.
Surely joy was the reason we all came to painting and drawing anyway - wasn't it? 

What brought me to drawing and painting? I can't remember if I told  you.  In a nutshell, I had started a new business, wasn't very busy and looked to drawing and painting to fill my time because I loved art at school. So I took a class and off I went. I'm still going :) 
How about you? What made you decide to pick a brush or a pencil up?


  1. Good Morning, Pat. Sketchbook at the ready is something from which we all would benefit. Love your drawing of Misty! To answer you question about getting into art, I think I'll have to write it up in my blog, as it is a bit of a long story.

  2. Love the sketches Pat. :) And you are so right about the joy, that's why we all started isn't it? I don't remember the exact moment I started painting, I think maybe I just always have. :)

  3. sketch a day is a great idea! I have always been drawing and painting for fun, but the eventual difference for me was when I decided to really work on the technical aspect of drawing. I had just moved to Scotland and me and my partner decided to dedicate some time each night to drawing faces, eventually we both became much better than we expected :)
    Cheers :)x

  4. It's one of my resolutions: more sketching! And yours look great! Years ago my neighbour took a plein air watercolour class and I joined in. That is how it started for me. :) xx

  5. Dear Pat.
    It is a wonderful idea to reflect why you are doing something. I was like you. I loved the painting as I was a child. When I was a young woman, so I started again. But at that time I had to little time for hobbies. I had to take care of house and the children. Now I have leisure enough to try it again.
    Best wishes
    Elsbeth xx

  6. What a beautiful journal you will have with all the wonderful hand drawn pictures. I envy you.

  7. Wonderful sketches, Pat. You are so right...without joy in our artwork, then it would become a chore such as scrubbing floors :)

  8. Your approach is an excellent one. Once it starts to feel like a chore the fun is gone. I love the sketch of Missy

  9. Actually, I don’t remember a time when I DIDN’T have a brush, pencil, crayon or something in my hand. But it’s just in the past few years that I’m taking classes.

  10. Yes Pat.. It is the joy and rest come after that.. I loved your sketchbook shots. It is really great to be able to sketch everyday..

  11. Hi Kathryn - I shall look forward to that post, it'll be interesting, I've no doubt :) xx

    Funnily enough Crystal, its not why everyone started, I know a few who have come to painting as a therapy for their illness, and grown to love it! xx

    oh yes, Kyla, I am sure that applying oneself like that will show great improvements!

  12. Wow Judy, good for you. Did your neighbour keep up? xx

    Elsbeth, fancy that! Children getting in the way of painting :lol: Must be why I never had any :) xx

    Thanks, Willow. It will remind me of this year, that's for sure :) xx

  13. Jan, scrubbing floors? Oh my - I would feel like running away to see.. where they scrub decks :lol:

    Thanks, Ann. No chores in art for me - and sketching darling Missy - never a chore! xx

    Wow Robin - good for you . Enjoy the classes xx

    Thanks Prabal, it is so relaxing and makes me smile when I'm done. I love it :) xx

  14. What a lovely post Pat. Yes, it has to be fun and sketching is a great way of enjoying our art.

    I started painting at a time when I was feeling very stressed at work and realised I had to choose between finding a relaxing hobby or having a mental breakdown. I chose the hobby. A comment in a Frank Clarke book that "anyone can paint" caused me to have a go ... and I haven't looked back.

    I love looking in your sketchbook. ;-)

  15. I'm glad you found the book that started you on the road, John. Also very glad that drawing and painting stopped you having a breakdown *hugs* xx

  16. I like your doggy sketch Pat. I may not remember what started me off painting, though I seem to recollect doing a pastel painting of a bluebell when I was a small child at school, but I do remember what the first CD was that I ever bought - Groovy Kind Of Love by Phil Collins!

  17. Those are fun drawings! Keep doing what you enjoy.

  18. Hi Pat
    I really like your sketchbook journal... I have one particular sketchbook I use just for ideas and thoughts... Really comes in handy as when I have an idea, be it for a painting or sculpture, if I do not jot it down, I forget..
    Thank you for your visit. So happy you enjoyed Bebe.

  19. I love looking inside peoples sketchbooks more than anything else because I think it tells us a lot more about what goes on inside the Artists head than a finished painting ever would. They are lovely and unfussy as a sketch should be :0)

  20. hello Pat, your subjects are imediately and natural as the eyes looks (I don't know if it is right)
    and it is a nice idea ...
    Good 2012, ciao, a presto, Floriana

  21. what a coincidence that is, Frank! Groovy :) xx

    thanks, Linda xx

    Thank you Penny, glad you enjoyed your visit xx

    hahaha and that is me in real life too, Sandra, lovely and unfussy :) xx

    Thank you, Floriana, so glad you liked the post xx

  22. Beautiful pictures! I love the one of Missy... you are so talented! Keep the works of art coming :)

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