Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Two Surprises!

I have two surprises to share in this post.

The first was I was fortunate to be one of the recipients of a small painting by Judy of De Draad Aquarellen.

This is it:

Isn't it gorgeous?

If you haven't seen Judy's wonderful watercolours, you will be in for a rare treat if you go to view her blog HERE 

You won't regret it - I love her style, its so beautiful.
Thank you Judy, for my gift. It will be framed, hung and treasured forever. 

and the second surprise?
I was searching to find what would make a garden interesting to a dog, to stimulate them. I found there should be paths for them to patrol, and different levels in the garden, including a spot they could sun themselves and view their domain!
So we made a surprise build for Missy :)

What's this for, daddy?

Its for viewing my domain?

And for sunning myself?

I like it, I do!

I hope your days are also filled with lovely surprises.


  1. You're right, Judy's paintings are beautiful. I'm a lucky recipient too and will be doing a blog post of the one I received. As for your Missy, she looks a proper prima donna on her pedestal...lucky girly.

  2. I keep looking at mine, Ann. I am seeing little field mice peering at me, inviting me into the garden to smell the lavender :)

    Missy is indeed the prima donna, the First Lady.. well, she is in this house. :) We adore her and try to make her life as full as it can be :) xx

  3. Such a beautiful gift you received pat. And Missy certainly looks as if she loves her sunspot.
    We always leave the outside back door open which is a sun trap and Corey lays there till he's too hot, comes in for a cooling off then off out to repeat it. Funny little dog!
    Love and Hugs
    June xx

  4. Hi, Pat,
    Happy for you and Missy!! You're so beloved on net.
    Cheers, Sadami

  5. Hi Pat. What a beautiful painting from Judy! One to treasure.
    We have a tiered (and tired) garden laid mainly to stones, and a wooden seat and rockery at the very top ... so Louie already has a few places where he can survey his kingdom - and like Missie he often does!

  6. Judy has such a soft touch, lucky you! and lucky Missy too lol

  7. that is a beautiful painting
    Lucky Missy getting the back yard customized just for her. I think Duke and I need to work on our back yard this summer.

  8. I was also lucky enough to get one of Judy's cards :0) Aren't they gorgeous!
    And Missy has her own little domain! How lovely! :0)

  9. Your posts are always full of nice surprises, Pat.
    I do love Judy's work. Lucky you to have one of her paintings.

  10. Hi Pat. I love Judy's paintings, too. And Missy looks very happy with her domain. What a lucky pup to have been adopted by you!

  11. I follow Judy's blog. You must be really happy with the gift. And Missy looks super cute. :)
    Thank you for your wishes. I am feeling better now.

  12. A proper throne for a proper Lady!

  13. Thanks, everyone!
    I am thrilled with the gift.
    Not only is Judy a wonderful painter, she's a very kind person too xx

  14. Lovely pictures of Missy, she is a lucky girl! And I am happy you like the card. All those kind comments make me blush.
    How is your experience with Red Bubble so far?

  15. Wow, two lucky girls in one post .... you for having received a gorgeous painting from Judy, and Missy for getting her very own sun patio. ;-)

  16. lllllove those puppy pictures!

  17. Thanks all xx

    Judy, you deserve those compliments!
    RedBubble, its ok, I haven't been swamped with people wanting to buy, but I am just using it as a place to direct people to, should they wish to buy. I haven't gone mad with joining groups on there, because of the time factor involved in another set of forums.... time is limited on the computer, or nothing else gets done! xx

  18. Two great surprices here ! Nice to see that you too received a beautiful card.
    For sure, Missy has adopted its new domain!

  19. I missed this while in the midst of the surgery. Oh if she isn't the little actress, I love that face, her shaggy look, I've always been partial to shagginess !!!
    You know Angie was like that .. BJ

  20. OH, she loves her little spot, doesn't she? She's such a doll. Happy May for Missy!


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