Monday, 28 January 2013

Another Stage and some News

Good morning all!

I have another stage in the cowboy painting to show you  - and some news!

Firstly, here is the next stage, in which I place the shadows

and the News?

I have started a new blog! HERE

Why a new blog?
Well, the further I have gone into writing, the more uncomfortable I feel about posting it here, on my painting blog. This blog was always about my watercolour journey, with occasional Missy posts.
I'd like to keep it about my watercolour journey, so will still post paintings here.
The other blog will be everything else!
If you'd like to take a look at the other blog, please do. I look forward to seeing you there.


  1. This painting is looking good so far!

  2. Hi, Pat,
    The work is lovely. I hope everything will go well for you.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  3. Like the placement of the shadows Pat, this is looking good. Congratulations on starting a new blog for your other work. I am your newest follower :)

  4. Thanks, Polly, Sadami and Ann.

    Hope you enjoy the new blog, Ann xx

  5. It's looking wonderful so far Pat!
    Good luck with the new blog :0)

  6. This is a beauty so far, seeing you layer in the elements that bring it to life is interesting. Off to check out your everything else blog :-)

  7. Looking good Pat! Good luck with the new venture.

  8. This painting is coming along great.
    I will check out your new blog, have a great week.

  9. The painting is coming along nicely Pat. I'll be interested in how you get on having two blogs. Just as you have your writing so I have my photography and have often thought of starting a second blog for it. Good luck with the new one. ;)

  10. Pat this looks wonderful. Will check out your other blog as well. Have a great day. Hope to see this one finished. You are very talented.

  11. Wow Pat, this painting is gorgeous!! I love how you did the shadows. Your cowboy is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the different stages in your previous post. Good luck with your new block and all the writing you do! Big hugs:)xxx

  12. your painting is looking very good so far - look forward to seeing it finished!!

  13. The painting is coming along really nicely. Good luck with the new blog ! xx

  14. You are a master at shadowing! On my way over to follow your new blog. :)

  15. Good luck with the new blog, Pat! I like the piece on reflexology but I don't see a link for comments.


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