Thursday, 6 November 2014

Nice weather for ducks, the old saying goes.

When it rains, there's an old saying in England, "it's nice weather for ducks."

So when it rained - a lot- recently, I painted a duck!

Here he is, dabbling in the local pond.


Saunders Waterford 140Rough
 8 x11 ins


  1. Your water and ripples look so realistic Pat, lovely painting.

  2. What a nice painting. I work with a girl who loves the rain. She's always happy when the weather report calls for rain on her day off :)

  3. This made me smile Pat. Though I think I also heard ducks don't like rain either. lol :-) Lovely work.

  4. Lovely painting, such a great movement in the water.

  5. Just love it! You've had weather fit for ducks, we've had weather fit for snowmen :-)

  6. Ah Pat - a very unique view - made me smile. Have a great day and stay dry friend.

  7. Hi, Pat, so lovely watercolour work! I did not know that say. We're in summer and full of sunshine. Cheers, Sadami

  8. Cute! I love it when they 'dive' and their little bums stick up! ;)


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