Monday, 10 November 2014

The woodpile, Julia's flowers and the last rose of 2014

Good morning all,

winter is fast approaching and that can mean just one thing, painting wise!
I am starting to paint my Christmas cards. Every year I hand paint about a dozen cards, that go all around the world.
Of course, those you will not see until after the Day. None of us would like to spoil that surprise, would we?

So blogging gets a bit patchy from here... but I do have a couple of smaller paintings to show you. Both on cards for different reasons. These have been received, so I'm good to show.

Firstly, the Woodpile

and then Julia's Flowers

and this, I had to show you. There's no doubt there will be a future painting of this beautiful rose from my garden - the last one of 2014. It's a David Austin, Shropshire Lad.


  1. Enjoy your card paintings. Love the pics here. White roses are soooo hard to paint but a beautiful painting. Hopefully your rose bush may bring you another surprise.

    1. Thanks Polly, I'm glad you enjoyed the card paintings. My abstract-ish flowers reminded you of roses? Well, I'm thrilled :-) Thank you xx

  2. A hand painted card is like a gift itself. I like both of these that you showed today and that's a beautiful rose

  3. As soon as my eye caught the woodpile painting, I knew clicking to read your post will be fun. Christmast cards! Thank you for the reminder. Gorgeous rose, it will be nice a fabric pattern.
    Have a great week, Pat!

  4. Hi Pat,
    First, thanks for visiting my blog and placing nice comments. Those are very nice card paintings. Will wait the painting version of that beautiful pink rose. Enjoy your painting christmas cards, hope to see them here. Greetings.

  5. Dear Pat, Always your post has lovely paintigs! Have fun in card painting. Please take care at the same time.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  6. Beautiful rose! Can’t wait to see your painting of it!

  7. Nice job on Julie's flowers! Very sophisticated!

  8. Interesting compositions and subjects Pat. Lovely work and fab to see how you tackled them. Enjoy your Yuletide painting.

  9. It is always good to find a reason to motivate one self to paint. Happy painting. Will wait for the results.

  10. Lovely paintings, Pat, I love the woodpile! I've made a photo recently of such a pile and thought about painting it. Great minds think alike :)

  11. Hello Pat.
    Beautiful paintings. Especially the woodpile is a lovely motif.


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