Sunday, 13 September 2015

Unconditional love, good friends and a gift.

Painting is therapeutic to me. Whenever I feel stressed or impatient, painting grounds me. No subject more so than painting a dog. There is something about these most loyal companions that brings a smile to my face. That something is probably the unconditional love they have.

In alignment with this unconditional love, I painted a dog portrait as a gift, for someone who is trying their hardest to make things right in my world.

Thank you, my friend.

Here is Oscar

 Painted on Bockingford Extra rough, size 15" x 11"


  1. very nicely done. Oscar is adorable

  2. Painting is good therapy for me too! What a great gift, Oscar is really cute!

  3. Dear Pat
    I love this painting.. Such expression in the eyes.
    Painting is also very therapeutic to me.. My beloved use to always tell me that when he looked at a painting of mine he could always tell what mood I was in.

    How very kind of you to gift this to a friend.

  4. Such a sweet little face...lovely painting Pat, your friend must be delighted with it.

  5. Ah Pat this painting melts my heart. I just know your friend is going to love it. Have a blessed week. Hugs

  6. This is a lovely painting Pat ... your friend will love it. I'm just the opposite to you ... I can only draw or paint when everything is good in my world. It wouldn't do for us all to be the same. ;-)


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