Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Coming back to life!

Good morning friends.    
Today's painting came about from an idea I had when I visited the beautiful city of Dundee. Once there, I was struck by how much public artwork is in place. It seemed to me that if you turned a corner, you would find another piece of sculpture. As an artist, I found the city a delight to visit.
the idea which germinated was that I would photograph the settings these artworks were in, but then paint the sculptures as if they were alive - hence the title - The Awakening. It's number II because this is the second such I've done.
The first is HERE 

As you know, we moved house recently - and I have to say that the Kingdom of Fife is a landscape painter's dream location. If you'd like to see some recent pictures, visit my other blog HERE 
We have been made so welcome, it has been like coming home to family who love you.

Now on to the painting..

The Awakening II
I hope you've enjoyed viewing it.


  1. A delightful painting Pat and a great idea. So pleased to hear you are enjoying a new adventure in a new setting! I hope to do that one day but for now my wee wife is pretty content where we are. And you know what they say about a happy wife! :) Thanks for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate them. Always.

  2. Very nice painting Pat and I love how you've made the penguins much bolder than anything else. Lovely work.

  3. Very lovely penguins! Arianna

  4. I have seen the photographs in your other blogsite. You have a very beautiful sceneries in your new place. Congratulations with your new home.
    And the painting above is lovely. Interesting penguins.


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