Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Days out, sketches and snacks.

While all the renovations were going on, I had a couple of days up in London.
One day I went to meet my Australian friend, Glynis. She has a lovely hubby Craig and a darling daughter, Tilly.
Sadly they didn't get the best summer this year - though the day G and I went out was fine. We sat on steps to a statue in Covent Garden, drank coffee and watched the world go by as we talked. We visited the National Gallery (Fighting Temeraire is fab in real life) and we stopped at a cafe for lunch.
Had the most wonderful cheese and parsley scone from a vegetarian cafe.
Then we went bag hunting in Covent Garden and G picked out just the right bag for me! Thanks, G :) 

Came home and made some myself - and here are some sketches from the day too.

On my second day out I went to the British Museum to specifically see a Modern Chinese Ink painters exhibition. No photography allowed in that exhibition, but it was fab. It had paintings by Liu Dan and Wu Quangzong which were eye watering in their beauty and feeling.  If you google them you'll see images which are stunning, but yet, not as stunning as seeing them in real life! You have until Sept 2nd to see them, should you wish to visit.

I was allowed to take some pics throughout the rest of the Museum, so I'll share those with you - and my attempts at Chinese Ink painting, freehand, with no prior drawing! ( I can see faults in them, but was pleased with how they were considering I winged it - and hadn't painted for a month!)


  1. Hi Pat - Those scones look so scrummy. Lucky you, the British Museum is one of my favourite venues. I got treated to afternoon tea there last year and there was a wedding going on too. What a fab building for a wedding. Love your sketches and paintings too. They are a great way of remembering the day. Take care. x

  2. okay first off, your Chinese ink drawings are amazing! and these two men's work is incredible, I'd never heard of them and so appreciate your sharing about them. Great post!

  3. What beautiful days for you! Arianna xo

  4. Ooh, this so reminds me of my own recent visit - and yes, that wonderful Turner painting is incredibly vibrant and beautiful in real life - and HUGE!!
    I love the fact that you did some sketching too - I wasn't nearly so good! :0)

  5. well you had a very exciting and fun couple of days there. What a nice treat after all that hard work in the renovation. I love all your sketches too

  6. what a great outing -- love museums. and your scones are making me hungry! enjoyed your cheery sketches too.

  7. thanks everyone. the scones were delicious and the sketching fun. The Brit museum and the National are well worth a visit! xx

  8. Hi Pat.
    Thank you for sharing your photos.
    They look great. Also I love your pen and Ink drawings. I think they are gorgeous. I have just started to do them myself but a drawing and wash of the subject for a painting in Acrylic or Oils. All the best pat.

  9. It sounds like you had a fabulous day!

  10. I have just fallen in love with Liu Dan's art! Thank you for introducing me, Pat!

  11. Thanks Vic and Kathryn.

    thos etwo artists were well worth the google - their art is outstanding. I wish the photos could capture Wu's properly, not one of the photos of Little Birds lived up to the real thing!


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