Monday, 27 August 2012

Hello again!

Good morning blogging friends!

We're on the clearing up stage of our works, so I took some time this morning to come back and say hello :)

Also I really wanted to show you something which arrived in the mail a few days ago. A portrait of Missy done by the very talented Kathryn of Studio at the Farm HERE

I'm completely enamoured of this dreamy portrait! Kathryn's style is so different from mine, which makes this portrait even more special .
Kathryn, we utterly love it and it will be hanging in our newly decorated home very shortly!

Kathryn does take commissions - so contact her if you'd like your pet immortalised in paint :)


  1. So happy to see that you are back - well, kind of! I am too (well, I hope so! I've missed blogging land!) This is beautiful of Missy!
    Your house is going to be fabulous!

  2. Hi, Pat,
    What a beautiful portrait! Kathryn has done a brilliant job!!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  3. This is a wonderful portrait. Her eyes are beautifully expressive! Thanks for sharing.

  4. that portrait is truely beautiful Pat!

  5. Hi, Pat! I love Kathryn's portrait of Missy and I'm glad to hear that you're in the clean-up phase of your gorgeous new floor remodeling project. Woo-hoo!

  6. beautiful painting of little missy ! x

  7. She looks wonderful, there against the black and the dragon! Thank you, Pat XOXO

  8. Pat - what a great gift your friend sent. It is so nice to see how we all approach art so differently.

  9. I've come across Kathryn's blog before, what an amazing artist. Love this portrait of your little girlie, I can see why you are so thrilled with it. Glad your works are completed on the house, do we get to see some pics soon?

  10. What an awesome portrait that is.

  11. What an adorable picture!

    Glad your remodeling is coming along. I enjoy your posts.

  12. what a wonderful portrait! so glad you popped in to say hi. Hope to read more of your posts very soon! :)

  13. Oh that is just lovely, I see what you mean a different style to yours, but lovely in its own way. So many talanted people out there

  14. What a beautiful portrait of Missy! I love the expression!

  15. Thanks everyone who commented and thanks to those who used the reactions too :)
    It is a gorgeous painting, Kathryn is very talented !

    Photos of reno will be coming soon, I have taken them, just have to resize them all now :)



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