Thursday, 30 August 2012

One Magical Day, Nothing but Happiness

A friend of mine got married recently and I couldn't get to the other end of the country for her wedding, but she did send me some mementos, including the wedding favours of shortbread biscuits with a Scottish theme.

It was these shortbreads I aligned in a few poses and then began to paint.

One Magical Day,
I wanted to say "wedding" all over it...

and then I wanted to play with paint some more,  so I arranged the favours in the shape of a four leaf clover and with an Irish blessing in mind, I painted this:  

Nothing but Happiness

May your troubles be less
And your blessing be more
And nothing but happiness
Come through your door

Blessings to you all! 


  1. They are both beautiful, Pat! And so are your sketches in your previous post!

  2. Pat,
    Great to have you back here. Your place looks really done up now. SO even more motivation to paint. :)

    I really liked the first one. It has a christmasy feel to it. The second one looks like a kaledioscope (check spelling).

    And you must be so hapy to have Missy's portrait. Kathryn is really good at portraits.

  3. Lovely Pat! It's made me feel hungry! :0)

  4. you make me both hungry and wanting to hug my hubby at the same time. Beautiful pieces

  5. Very nice! I love the different approaches you took with each painting. They are both beautiful!!!

  6. Dear Pat - caught up on your last three posts - love your wedding heart paintings - how creative...visit with your friend and sketches - so lovely and the art at the museum. Going out and google Liu Dan and Wu Quangzong - looking forward to seeing their work. House looks wonderful - bet you are glad the project is finished. Now you get busy painting - lol Debbie

  7. Beautiful mementoes of the marriage, Pat. :)

  8. Hi Pat, great idea to paint these wonderful biscuits, and you did it perfectly. Very nice watercolors. Hug!

  9. Hello Pat:) The first painting is sweetness all over! It really has become a wedding painting.
    The second is beautiful, great idea for luck and happiness. Very nicely done!

  10. I love both of these Pat. Such a creative use of these delicious treats. And I thin you got your message across in each piece perfectly. :)

  11. How sweet! (sorry, no pun intended! LOL)

  12. Thanks, everyone. So glad you enjoyed these, that you're happy I'm back (me too) and that you've all enjoyed my last three posts :) xx

  13. Oh Pat!I love the way your home looks so neat and cozy and stylish!Thanks for sharing. And also for taking us on that tour of the museum!

    Those paintings say it all...may there be nothing but happiness for the new couple :O)

  14. I'm sure the happy couple will be thrilled with this! Beautiful Pat! xx

  15. That's beautiful Pat! And what a lovely blessing! Thanks! And back to you! (Oh... and good question too...about St. Nick. I wonder...?)

  16. Inspiration comes from everywhere doesn't it? Those are great. I really love the love the first one

  17. Hi Pat, I really love both these but especially the 1st one it just says magic, happiness, dreams, and love - Perfect in every way xxx

  18. Beautiful, Pat. Blessings to you too!


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