Sunday, 9 September 2012


I have a reason to celebrate!
As you know, I am a reflexologist as well as someone who paints and writes.

I recently received my copy of Reflexions, a quarterly magazine for members of the Association of Reflexologists.
Within this issue, I not only have a factual article published, but I have a painting used twice too!

This is the painting that was used:

 The article is too long for me to publish here, it  took up two whole pages!

The first thing I had published, a few years back, was an article about Missy, which appears in a National Trust book about dogs, True Tales of Courage and Survival.

So to celebrate, we're having ice cream in the garden. Its the high life :lol:


  1. Well done Pat! The painting is gorgeous. I know it might seem strange but I really like paintings of feet. No mater from whom the painting might be - an old master or a new - my eye always goes to feet! And these are just great! Perfect for the magazine too!

  2. Dear Pat, I am so happy for you. How wonderful to be published in such a magazine. Many Congratulations! xx

  3. Thanks Ann and June.
    I can honestly say I'm chuffed to bits! xx

  4. Dear Pat,
    What wonderful news!
    Congrats!!!!! Ah, I wish I could join your ice cream!
    Much love & wink,wink, Sadami

  5. Congratulations, Pat! I remember this painting, it's gorgeous! Of course you are chuffed to bits! You deserve a BIG ice cream! xx Judy

  6. Congrats are in order Pat! Now , both you and Missy are celebs. !!
    I like this painting , at first glance I thought ,,, a heart, then I saw the toes. ok .Lol...

  7. Hola Pat. Ya en su momento te comenté que era una acuarela estupenda :) Felicidades. Un abrazo.

  8. Many congratulations to you Pat. Great painting too. Enjoy the moment.

  9. Sounds like a grand celebration! Congratulations 2x!!!! I’m ‘chuffed’ for you!

  10. Thanks everyone :) I'm still beaming! xx

  11. Good for you, Pat!! Definitely worthy of a celebration. I hope Missy got some ice cream. :)


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