Friday, 30 June 2017

K2, the Water Kelpies.

In Scotland, there are some magnificent horse sculptures called the Kelpies.
When we went on our Loch Tay cruise, we were told about the Water Kelpies, one of whom was said to live at the bottom of the Loch. They take the shape of horses.

Although I'd painted water kelpies previously, I'd recently got some new art supplies, so I painted them again. This time using ink and pearlescent acrylic ink.

It's hard to see the subtle sparkle on the screen, but as the light changes, so does the way this painting appears.


Even though it was a different medium to watercolour, I still used St Cuthberts Mill Saunders Waterford paper - and it behaved, beautifully. 
I hope you enjoy this painting.


  1. Dear Pat - this is so pretty. It can be such fun using different art supplies to create something lovely. Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs!

  2. Interesting story and lovely painting! :)

  3. Pat, this is the first time I've heard of these. Very cool!! Isn't it fun to try out new tools?

  4. Lively painting
    The cruise sounds wonderful.

  5. They are fabulous, pity I can't see the pearlescent effect, must be beautiful! I remember your earlier kelpies painting.


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