Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Happy Days

Every time her daddy comes home from work, Missy is delighted.
Usually she races round like a young pup and fetches a toy for him to play with.
But this time, she jumped on a dining chair and had a fuss!
I quickly took the camera out  - and whilst these photos won't win any photography prizes - Missy looked so happy, I wanted to share them.

Do you have a pet who makes you happy?
Leave a comment and a link to a post about them - I'd love to come see them :)


  1. Missy is so adorable! what a darling girl!! Is there anything better than being welcomed by an animal love? "know" my sweet Edward well, Pat... But please, stop on by any time!

  2. I do know Edward - and a more gorgeous cat you couldn't wish to meet! xx

  3. She looks like one happy dog. *smile*

  4. She is, Ann - she really is :) xx

  5. Aww, she DOES look happy! What a sweetheart. Life would be a lot less happy without our furry friends wouldn't it? :)

  6. She is a sweetheart, Crystal and such a happy girl.
    I can't imagine life without a furry friend .. can't even imagine it.

  7. Missy with a perfect expression of love and joy - I love the photos! We have 4 cats and 2 dogs and we adore them.

  8. Thanks, Candy. She adores her dad, so we know how you adore yours too :) xx

  9. Che bella Missy e che tenera!!! Ama il suo papà!!!

    Ciao Pat,felice serata!!

  10. Evening, Francesco :) She does have her tender moments, saved for humans, and definitely daddy:) Not so friendly with vermin - but that's the terrier in her!

  11. Missy has a great smile! I have a big black mop of a standard poodle that I absolutely love. Who could live without a dog?


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