Monday, 3 January 2011

Owl 1 & 2

Today I'm showing you the first two stages of my new painting, which is an owl in flight.
Photo courtesy of my friend Lynne.

First is the drawing - and I have deliberately let the wings go out of the painting, to give it a different "feel"

Next comes the background, a mix of colours to suggest night is coming..


  1. I've just made a realization. With you blogging less; the impatient people will get to see more steps at a time! I'm not saying I'm one of those people or anything...

  2. hahaha Tonya, you might not.. I might decide to put one stage on at a time and make it last a month! :)

  3. Pat, what a great perspective you have chosen. This is going to be quite impressive. The sky is already stunning. Looking forward to seeing the progress...I will try to wait patiently to respect your new posting schedule:-)

  4. Thanks Christiane - glad you like it so far.
    teehee, you can always join Tonya's impatient group :lol:
    It is a hard thing to balance though, being serious.. time doing and time showing.. I'm sure you'll all let me know if you think it needs tweaking.

  5. good background, Pat, lovely!Curious to see how it will end. Hugs from Brasil

  6. Thanks Anamaria.
    Hugs to you too xx

  7. Can't wait to see this one, Pat! I love your background, and also like the way it is going off the edges.

  8. Pat, the background is incredibly beautiful! What a coincidence - I also painted the owl recently and today it's on my blog :)


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