Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year's Eve and Arty things..

Today is New Year's Eve, and a traditional time for making resolutions.

Now I've never been one for Resolutions, but in my art there are a few things I'd like to do.

1) I'd like to paint more and compute less.
To that end, I'm only going to publish on my blog 3 days rather than 7 days a week.
The new days will be Mon, Wed, Fri.

2) I received a 3 CD watercolour landscape course this Christmas.
I'd like to have painted every demo on that course by next year.

3) With some of the most recent paintings I have done, I have learned the importance of being bold and making stronger shadows in my style of painting. I want to improve on those this year.

How about you? Is there anything you want to tackle in the new year, or anything you want to improve?

And finally, would like to wish all my readers a happy and healthy 2011 .


  1. Good luck with your resolutions Pat! They sound good to me.

  2. I'm with you Pat. More painting and less computing. But I do enjoy the friendship so much that I don't want to lose that.
    I want to improve on my art.

    Good luck with your resolutions Pat. I wish you a very happy and creative 2011.

  3. Happy New Year to you too, dear Pat: may you fulfill your wishes and realize your resolutions! A Kiss!

  4. More painting and less computing sounds like a sensible idea!

    My aims for the coming year are to carry on with a focus on portraits/figures, including a life drawing class. And do some more animal portraits. Would like to get some commissions too, lol!

    Best wishes for the New Year Pat, may it be productive a creative!

  5. Happy New Year Pat, and best wishes for a very productive year.


  6. Pat, I wish you a great year and know that you will keep your resolutions - you are such a determined individual!All my best... and I will visit on those three days a week when you post.

  7. Yes I like your more painting, less computing. I'm there too. :) And I like all your goals, they sound great. I think I'm going to try and paint more from life instead of just using photos. Or at least draw from life more. And a very Happy New Year to you too friend. :)

  8. Happy New Year see you in 2011
    George xxx

  9. Dear Pat, many wishes to you and your family, for a 2011 full of happiness!! Un abbraccio! Tito.

  10. Happy New Year!xx

    I completely understand the blogging thing. I have deleted Sundays already; and sometimes I will only blog a few times a week as well.

    I also am purging blogs again. Too much computer reading!!


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