Thursday, 2 December 2010

Roxy Begins

Today starts my latest dog painting - that of the very special Roxy.

She was taken in when she was five and a half years old by her current owner; who trained her up and brought out the diamond within.

Roxy is now a PAT dog (Pets as Therapy), she is so steady she has been used as a Stooge dog to help other dogs overcome behaviour problems - and she just won the Golden Oldie championship at Scruffts ( for non pedigrees) this year.

To read more of Roxy, click  HERE


  1. looking forward to seeing the progress Pat...

  2. thanks, Stephie. Hope you enjoy it xx

  3. How wonderful to do a portrait of such a special dog! I'm sure you'll enjoy working on this one. I'll be back to watch Roxy come to life on paper!

  4. Thanks, Teresa. I hope you enjoy watching as I do painting! xx

  5. Have always been interested in the pet therapy programs, my previous dog used to do a reading program at the elementary school where the kids would read to her, our younger dog is still a little too wild for the therapy program, maybe as she matures?! Look forward to seeing the completed portrait of this amazing dog.

  6. How marvellous your dog did a reading program, Maria!
    I hope you enjoy watching the stages xx

  7. I enjoyed reading those letters to Santa Paws, but never saw one from Missy!

    I look forward to the painting of Roxy. What a special girl!

  8. They only put a selection on there, Tonya. We're on their FB page ;)

    Roxy is a very special girl, undoubtedly! xx

  9. Roxy has come a long way! Have fun with the painting!

  10. She has, Sheryl :)

    I will have fun - and hope you enjoy watching it :) xx

  11. Thank you all for the lovely comments about Roxy, she really is a special girl.

    Maria, I enjoyed reading about your dog taking part in a reading programme with children at school, we hope to do that in the new year, if possible, as part of Pets As Therapy. For now we visit a residential care home on a weekly basis - they love it and so does Roxy. :o)


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