Friday, 10 December 2010

oh yes, snow... and ice

Here in Essex, we've had a little snow!
Some of it has gone now, but not all, because since this fell last week, we haven't had but one day where the temps rose above freezing :(

 Loads of snow..

and ice...

Clearing a path and Missy staying inside, where its warm!


  1. Oh my! That is a lot of snow. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...! We've had very warm weather here - almost summery - but they say it is to change by this afternoon. We might even get snow-rain! Kind of exciting since tempts hit 40 in deep summer!
    Stay warm!

  2. What a picture. Looks wonderful but even as I was born in the Uk. Now living in OZ for over 40 yrs. I don't think I could stand it that cold.
    We have the Air con running flat out here to keep cool. Where is there a happy medium. LOL.

    Keep warm Pat.

  3. Hi Pat, you had much more snow than here around Milan. Now, it is two days that we have a fantastic wheter, very clean seems that spring wants to come....but the winter is not yet started!! Ciaoo!

  4. I think we'd have to do a six month here, six month there type of thing, Dors!

    you stay cool! xx

  5. Tito - its miles too early here for this. Snow here is usually end Jan beginning Feb.
    Right now, I would rather be in Milan! :lol:

  6. Hello! Yucky white stuff there. Missy has the right idea. I am feeling better; thanks a bunch. I got my Christmas card in the mail yesterday! I'll blog about it soon but today is crafts and cookies with Seth and Amy!

  7. So glad you're feeling better!
    Have a lovely day of craft :) xx

  8. Full of ispiration for my paintings...
    ciao Graziano

  9. If you want to use these ones, Graziano, feel free :) xx

  10. I want snow! Ice- not so much- but snow, yes!

  11. You can have it! HA! :lol:

  12. It looks like that here in WV too. We are going to have a warm up tomorrow in the 50s and than back down to 15.


  13. do you ever get used to it, Willow?

  14. Ah,ah,ah Missy è molto furba!!
    Ieri qua in Sardegna 27° C,giornata da spiaggia!

    Ciao Pat!

  15. 27 C ? And on the beach?
    You can go off people, you know! :lol: :) xx

  16. This year's weather takes me back to when we had regular snowfalls during December and always hoped for a white Christmas. That was when I lived in Yorkshire, many moons ago.

  17. Takes me back to when I was 5 and had pneumonia. The Ambulance couldn't get through the snow so the drs had to walk and carry me back!


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