Saturday, 4 December 2010

Roxy 3 & 4

A treat today - two photos!

First one shows the eyes, nose and lip - and the second, I have completed the mouth.
I paint the eyes first and once happy with those, I continue. There's no point to carry on if unhappy with the eyes, they are so hard to fix retrospectively.


  1. I'm back on the watercolours again now for a while - NOT EASY!!! Give me acrylics any day! Still, practice, practice, practice - right?

  2. Yes, practice is the way to nail it! xx

  3. Hi Pat,
    I'm here again to join your site by google connect..
    And of course to enjoy your work!
    I think I can learn much here... painting on watercolor is a difficult one..
    Thanks for sharing your work.


  4. you're welcome, Nensa.
    I hope you enjoy following what I do. Feel free to have a browse back for more stage-by-stage paintings :) xx

  5. I read the above comments...seems that watercolour is hard to do. You sure make it look easy. I guess because you do such a good job. I am guessing from the above comments that the eyes are one of the hardest things to paint..and get them just so. You always make them come alive with their eyes.

  6. It isn't easy to start with Tonya. And it doesn't suit everyone. I've stuck with it because I love it and it works for me.
    I know I must get eyes right, or I may as well give up. I like to see that life within - as do the people who receive the paintings :) xx

  7. Interesting in the way that you structure your paintings, Pat, and which part of it you do first.

    I like the idea about getting the eyes right first of all, then carrying on. Quite a good idea and with Roxy, you've definitely captured her spirit!


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