Saturday, 11 December 2010

Mo 1

This is a painting of a very special girl - Mo - done for my friend Jenny.
Mo was a saluki/greyhound cross, who sadly passed away on the 28th November.
Much loved, greatly missed.

the drawing:


  1. It is so hard to lose a beloved furry friend at Christmas time. Another blog friend lost hers yesterday because some neighborhood dogs attacked him; she tried to save him but wasn't able. I am sure Mo will be blessed with this painting; as I am with mine.

  2. How heartbreaking, Tonya. :(
    I know how much you treasure your painting of Dawg - and I am sure Jenny will love this. She's already told me she can't wait to have it in her home! xxx

  3. Mo has such a sweet countenance... I am so sorry for her family. I know how much they must be missing her... I mean I really know...
    Blessings on this beautiful painting!

  4. Thanks Ann.. it is so hard when you lose a beloved pet, isn't it? xx


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