Thursday, 30 December 2010


I received this photo of two more of my paintings framed and ready to hang!

Such a thrill to see them all ready to go up in their new home.


  1. Oh, you are so right, it is a such emotion! They are so beautiful, Pat, lucky owners! A kiss! ❤

  2. Dear Pat,
    Both look so gorgeous! Have a wonderful time. Wish you a Happy New Year~~!!!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  3. Pat, these look so nice framed, love the flower especially, the mat and frame complement it so nicely.

  4. Two beautifully mounted paintings. Lovely to see them!

  5. Wow! Pat, they look amazing!!!! I particularly like the tractor which I remember you posting. :0)

  6. Congratulations Pat! Beautiful!
    Many, many wishes for a happy new year!

    Ciao Pat!

  7. How wonderful!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year! :)

  8. Thanks, everyone. xx

    Best wishes for the coming year to you all xx

  9. Hummmm...Sweet Mollie may be my favorite of the two Pat. Glad they liked them.

  10. Oh Pat they look so beautiful. Congratulations.

    Happy New Year Pat. Have a great 2011.
    Looking forward to seeing your creations in 2011.

  11. Yay, a vote for Sweet Mollie, LOL. I love it too and I'm thinking I'll hang it right there above the pink chair.

    The tractor painting is getting rave reviews, I think because it has an enchanting quality with the wheat blowing in the wind there on the right. When you look at it you can feel the movement. And if I do say so myself :O), the framing really works! I kept it simple for my husband's sake and the black lines in the mat and frame accents the black touches in the tractor.

    Thank you so much Pat for the gift of the paintings and for sharing your talents with us.


  12. Paintings look so different when they are framed. They are wonderful.


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