Saturday, 22 October 2011

Card Exchange

We've recently had a card exchange over at Painting Friends. 
We have two, Autumn (Fall) and Christmas.

We all paint a card and then are given a Friend to exchange with.
This year, I was fortunate to receive two cards: Bonnie when she was given my name, decided a big pot of soup (and the recipe inside the card) was just right for me. It was! I love to cook from scratch, so this was perfect. I'm buying the ingredients this weekend.

Then, because she was on holiday in New England at the time, she painted a scene of the colour changes in that area. Simply beautiful.

Wasn't I the fortunate one? :)

For my part of the Exchange, I painted a scene from the Serpentine in Hyde Park and included a little history about the area too.
I'm not too good at painting small, so this picture (card) was approx 8" x 10" :)

Autumn at the Serpentine

Autumn -  one of my favourite times of year.  I love the colour changes and the crisp, ideal walking weather.  I've been out and away from the computer lots, because before long winter will be here, when the weather will no doubt conspire to keep us all indoors more!

Enjoy your autumn (fall) as much as I do. xx


  1. They are all great! Mmmm, pumpkin gruyere soup! Your Hyde Park at autumn card is beautiful, Pat!

  2. Painting Friends sounds like a good idea...nice to exchange paintings and see what others do, but to get a recipe as well, I think you were on a bonus there....hope it turns out well. Really like your Autumn at the Serpentine painting, those leaves are such lovely colours.

  3. I'm hoping the soup will be mmmm.. Judy :)
    Glad you liked the Hyde Park Serpentine card too :) xx

  4. Thanks, Ann. Painting Friends is a lovely place. If you're a forum kind of person, go take a look and if you want to join, tell them I sent you :)

    I really felt very lucky indeed to have both cards and a recipe :)

    Serpentine is a very peaceful painting- reminds me of the slower pace as we wind down for winter :) xx

  5. They're all super paintings, Pat. Love the autumn leaves in Hyde Park especially! Autumn seems to have missed us and winter is knocking on its door already. The soup recipe sounds yummy. Serves 10-12. Hmm, now what's everyone else going to eat? LOL.

  6. Thanks, Michael. Winter does seem to be approaching quickly - but we've had a good few autumn days. Not as many as I'd like - but we're luckier being South.
    The soup - well, if I get 5 French Sticks too, that's you and me sorted :lol:

  7. Magnifici lavori Pat!! La zuppa sembra anche buona:-)))
    Ciao e felice weekend!!

  8. Lovely way to show friendship! The card-soup with recipe is very original. Good sunday, Arianna

  9. I love your Autumn painting Pat and the ones you received are lovely.
    Glorious day again here but it's so cold mornings and evenings. As you say, Winter is drawing nigh!
    Big Hugs xx

  10. Love the idea and the paintings. Fabulous.

  11. I love your autumn scene - I bet the recipient of your card was chuffed with it too. I agree autumn is lovely for walks, especially the scrunchy sound of leaves under your feet :)

  12. Does that say Pumpkin cream soup? Sounds wonderful. We have had absolutely the best fall that I ever remember. It is so warm but not hot. It does make me wish for a nice yard and trees, but I gather up that little one and head to the woods every chance that I get!

  13. Lucky you Pat, but also the receiver of yours is a lucky gal! Love these Acer ( maybe ) leaves.

  14. I just found you today, Bonnie did beautiful cards just lovely.Yours is beautiful as well.I found you through Ann's blog, watercolors are a passion of mine as well, happy sunday! ( I've joined as a follower, I'll be back)

  15. what a great idea for an exchange and all those cards are lovely.

  16. What a lovely selection of paintings Pat! Won't be long now before the clocks go back and the days will get shorter and colder. Still, there is a certain romance to it all isn't there? :0)

  17. Love these card exchanges.
    I wonder if we can share the recipe?:)

  18. All three are beautiful, congratulations!


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