Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Alphabet Paintings: Q

Did some of you wonder what I would paint for Q?
It was never going to be hard for me. Tell you why, I have another little hobby. One I haven't spoken of much here, but I love gemstones, minerals and fossils.
Not a huge collection, but ones with patterns that fascinate me.
So all I did was pick out a piece from my collection, stand it on my glass computer table and paint away.

Q is for Quartz...

Sweetheart Quartz

This painting can be viewed along with all my others, at my gallery site, click HERE


  1. Oh you genius! In Dutch we would say 'kwarts' so it does not work here! :) What a beautiful piece and I love the painting, particularly the heart shape in it! xx

  2. Thank heaven I'm English then, Judy ;)
    Glad you love the painting, I do too. So much so its already framed and will be hung later this weekend! xx

  3. Very clever Pat! the reflections.

  4. Really "qt" (that is "cute") Pat! And so clever!

  5. What a clever Q! I also have a small collection of gemstones and love them. I'm especially fond of a polished egg shaped piece of rutilated quartz. It seems magical when you look into it.
    Love your painting! xx

  6. Geniale Pat,ottimo lavoro!!
    Ciao,un abbraccio e felice sabato!

  7. How beautiful! I love how you always manage to paint perfect reflections.

    Have a great day! :)

  8. oh its lovely, I also share the love of rocks minerals and fossils, I have never painted them, what a wondeful idea!

  9. Preciosa pintura,pero ya sabes que es como todo lo que sale de tus manos.
    Besazos y feliz semana.

  10. Nice to be so diverse! Great job on the quartz Pat. Love the soft tones you've chosen. Have you figured out X, Y, and Z? Any more hobbies? Smile! Happy painting!

  11. Pat, this is a beauty!!! The background is fabulous. Bravo!!!

  12. This is really precious! :-) Beautifully painted , BRAVA Pat!

  13. LOL ... I had tried to think of a few possible subjects but I didn't guess Quartz. Brilliant!!! ;-)

  14. The almost monochrome nature of the painting works really well for the quartz I feel. And nice to know about your hobby too. :)

  15. I always find it amazing how transparent and shimmering you can paint glass.
    To find something with Q is not easy. I can not wait to see X and Y
    *smile *

    Best wishes
    Elsbeth xx

  16. Thanks, Ann, the reflections really attracted me to the piece too :) xx

    Thanks Ann, glad you think its qt :) xx

    Thanks, June. Crystals and gemstones are so attractive, don't you think? Glad you love the painting :) xx

  17. Thanks, Francesco, you're so kind!
    Have a great Sunday xx

    Thanks Ansota. Reflections are such fun :) xx

    Thanks Laurie. Anything in my home is fair game :) xx

  18. Thanks, Conchi. I'm blushing after reading such a compliment. You're very kind xx

    Hi Ross, I have a few things up my sleeve.. teehee Glad you like the tones on the quartz, I particularly like how the amethyst colour gently fades from the outer to inner edge. xx

    Thanks, Kathryn. I think so too. Its hanging at home now :) xx

  19. Thank you Jane, its precious to me too xx

    Thanks John. I like to think and paint outside the box! xx

    Thanks, Prabal, it was a limited, muted palette for this and I think it works well xx

    Thank you Elsbeth. Its only practice, you know. When I first started I could never have painted this :) Well, I could have, but not so well :) xx

  20. Good job on the letter Q. The painting is wonderful

  21. Beautiful reflects of this quartz! xo, Arianna

  22. Pat- your quartz is beautiful and your reflections are perfect!

  23. Nice! Love the colors!

    When I was a kid, I had a nice collection of rocks and minerals. Eventually I gave them to my nephew. I kept a few fossils though.

  24. Thank you, Ann xx

    Glad you like the reflections too Arianna xx

    Thank you Sheryl - and lovely to see you back! xx

    Thanks Linda. Mine are staying put :) xx

  25. I didn't know that you liked those! Very neat. Too bad we didn't know when we lived in the Mineral Area of the state before we moved here. We saw neat rocks all of the time!


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