Wednesday, 28 December 2011

a very happy Missy

Christmas Eve Missy had an end of year check at the vet's surgery.
Everything was well, she's in fine physical shape, with only the beginning of slow growing cataracts. That's probably due to her age - she's 14 now!
But, they show no signs of stopping our darling girl enjoying life - as you can now see :)

Here's my Christmas goodies!

I particularly like that one - there!

How did mummy miss the hedgehog out?

wrapping paper's all mine too!

You're not tidying my hedgie away!

All that playing makes a girl hungry!

After a good lunch comes a snooze! 

We're fortunate to be off work now until the New Year, when we'll be back and ready to resume normal blogging. Have a great time all, til then xx


  1. Oh I love that first photo Pat, and the lunch one too! Such a loved little girl xxc

  2. Oh I love that first photo Pat, and the lunch one. Such a loved little girl xxx

  3. Lucky Missy! Enjoy the holidays, until next year! And a happy and creative New Year to you and Missy!

  4. Hi,Missy and her Mom,
    Missy, you look realy happy. Take care. *Once, our dog had the same trouble. It's heartbreaking... I really hope it does not bother Missy and Pat too much.

  5. Congratulations Missy. 14 years, which is a good age for a dog. You are pampered by your family. Nice pictures Pat. xx

  6. Pat, Missy sure brightened my day. Love all the photos of her and was happy to hear she received such a good report from the vet.

    Hope each is special to all of you. :)

  7. LOVE IT. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I'll have to send you the link to my girlies! xoxo_mICHELLE

  8. Pat, it certainly looks like Missy had a great Christmas. I hope you had a wonderful time, too. I cannot believe Missy is fourteen!! She looks fabulous, thanks to all your TLC, I'm sure.
    I wish you all a very Happy and prosperous New Year!!!

  9. Wow Missy! You sure raked in the loot! Enjoy it all (especially Hedgie!)

  10. Dear Pat, I'm sorry I missed your Christmas Post.I've been busy.My oldest dog, Frida, 12, also has cataracts.Just before Christmas she came up with an ulcer in one eye. The vet said sometimes cataract favors bacterial ulcer and despite treatment she lost vision in the affected eye. Now she'll have cataract surgery on the remaining eye, if exams show thar her heart allows anesthesia. Well, growing old isn't easy at all.

    Fortunately I arrived in time to wish you and Missy a Very Happy New Year!
    Love to see her happiness opening presents in older post! Love, Anamaria

  11. ops, I mean, I love to see her opening presents, here, and singing in older post!xx

  12. What a tender!. She looks very happy.

    I wish you and family a happy new year

  13. Good news about the vets visit and glad Missy had a great Xmas. My Tess used to get almost as much fun from ripping up the wrapping paper as she did from the pressies inside. ;-)

  14. Wonderful series of photos...Missy is just a darling...and a very spoilt one, too :-))

  15. Santa was very good to Missy, obviously she's been a very good girl.
    She sure is enjoying her presents.

  16. Such a lucky, healthy and well loved little dog, so glad that you and Missy have each other.

  17. How cozy everything looks! Enjoy the holiday and a very happy new year!

  18. Aww! Looks like Missy enjoys being spoiled! (Who doesn't?)

  19. What a spoiled little girl she is!
    Oh such beautiful photos of Missy Pat. I'm glad her health check was AOK!
    Hugs to you
    June xx

  20. What a character Missy is, glad she enjoyed her presents so much! Happy New Year to you all.

  21. Pat, I have really enjoyed seeing all of the pics with Missy. I can't believe that she is 14 years! She looks wonderful! Must be all that love and care that she receives:)

    Have a great and wonderful New Year!!!


  22. She's a sweet funny oldie :) it was a great Xmas for her and you two! xx Arianna

  23. Oh, she had a good Christmas didn't she?


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