Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Year of Painting, Rose.

On the Painting Friends forum, its time for the Year of Painting. This month we had a white rose as a reference to work from.
The idea of painting once a month is for you to analyse your work and grow from the experience.

Today, I thought I'd share the whole post with you, not just the final painting, as I did with V: The Other Side of the River.

Year of Painting (YOP)

Number Nine, Rose

Personal Goals for this Painting:

Firstly I set some goals for my thumbnail sketches.
These were :
  1. do a thumbnail showing the scene as is.
  2. on the other thumbs, show different crops and ideas
  3. Paint all four thumbs.

I chose to paint all four thumbnails. Why I did this was to push myself to get more out from these YOPs. To try each technique and crop. To find something in each I could like and learn from.

So, here are the paintings:

Dark Rose 

8 x 11 Arches 140 Rough
I changed the colour of the rose. Solely because I'd not long since painted a white rose in “The Shadow of Your Love.”
I like this rose in parts. I love the bud and the background and leaves. Also the outer petals of the rose, but I feel I made a mistake to paint all the petals because I feel I've lost it in the inner shadows. I've painted in glaze after glaze to give a richer colour, therefore I can't lift the shadow without ruining the petal. A lesson learned – plan more if you want to be that literal and paint your shadows first!

Christmas Rose

8 x 11 Arches 140 Rough
Love the richness of this impasto version, it feels like a oil. That's probably because for the first time, I've painted it completely with a palette knife.
Its taught me that although its ok as a small painting ( 8x11 ) it would be stunning as a large, full sheet version.


8 x 11 Arches 140 Rough
This , I love everything about it. Lesson learned, take an element of a photo, that really suits me better than using the whole!

Sweet Rose

8 x 11 Arches 140 Rough
I love pointillism, it feels like meditation to me when I work in this way. Love the way this came out, reminding me of a sugar frosted rose. I wouldn't change it at all, I even like the way the petals have different colour variations.

Challenges Faced
Painting all four thumbs and trying to be creative with them all. Hardest of all was to paint the “as is” thumbnail, when it was never a photo I'd have chosen for a reference.

Share Personal Goals and whether you felt you Met Them
My personal goals were to be creative in all four paintings and to learn something from each, which I have done in varying degrees.

How I created the Paintings.
Multiple glazes in Dark Rose on the rose. Some negative painting in the background.
All impasto using aquapasto as well as watercolour and a palette knife in Christmas Rose
Loose background wash for sky in Rosebud and merging wet in wet washes for the rose and shadows.
All pointillism in Sweet Rose. A dot at a time. It took the longest time of all.

Size of Painting, Medium, Palette and Brushes.

The paintings are on Arches 140 Rough and are 8” x 11”
The medium is pencil for the under drawing and watercolour for the painting. (addition of aquapasto for Christmas Rose only)
W&N artists quality paint.
Palette colours used : transparent yellow, cadmium red, french ultramarine, sap green, olive green, indigo.
Brushes: round 12, round 6, round 2. palette knife.

Hope you've enjoyed this peek into my thoughts and practices.


  1. Good morning Pat
    Your roses are heavenly beautiful. I especially liked the Sweet Rose. But also the others being a masterpiece.
    Elsbeth xx

  2. Thanks Elsbeth. Nice to know which you liked best :) xx

  3. I love to read all your thoughts and goals in this post. I like the first one, I see nothing wrong with shadows. I like the sweet rose, but I love the rosebud! It's perfect!

  4. Thanks, Judy - glad you enjoyed reading my thoughts and goals.
    I think its the knowing what I wanted to achieve that has me thinking hmmmm on the first one. Luckily, you don't know the inside of my head, so aren't coloured by it :lol:
    The rosebud is my fave too, I wouldn't change a thing about it :)

  5. Hi Pat!Like Judy I like very much when you share your thoughts with us!I like the first rose but I miss some whites on the petals, I think they would give more life to the painting. The others are very good and the second one is my favorite, it looks so ...fleshy? The bud is precious! Sweet Rose has the perfect composition. Thanks for sharing your experience. xx

  6. ~(*o*)~!! Hi, Pat,
    Very beautiful roses and thank you for sharing the info, too. Take care in cold days. ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ·.•*•♫°•♫·.•ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ
    Best wishes,Sadami

  7. Good point Anamaria - more whites for sparkle. Usually I leave them, must have been away with the fairies when I painted this one! I couldn't think of a good word for the second, I came up with rich - its very intense, like velvet. It has the same composition as Sweet Rose, too :) xx

    Thanks, Sadami - glad you enjoyed the post.
    We're very lucky with a sunny day and a temp of 45F (8C) today. I really don't want a white Christmas :lol:

  8. pat, Thanks for the peek into your process. I like the bud the most, but they are all very beautiful. BJ

  9. you're welcome BJ. Glad you enjoyed it. I have a feeling the bid will be most people's favourite :) xx

  10. I like the way you set yourself a challenge and each painting certainly has its merits, but my favourite is the rosebud!... Can I just add an apology here, I hadn't realised you don't do Awards (saw your comment via Judy at De Draad Aquarellen)...it all does get rather mathematical in the end! (as pointed out by John at JWJArts) - I would say though that through the Awards I have discovered some new blogs that I wasn't aware of before, so there is an upside. I really enjoy all the blogs on my list with each person contributing their unique style.

  11. Thanks Ann. Glad you enjoyed the post - and another fan of rosebud :)

    No apology needed - for the reasons John outlined I never accept any.
    Definitely going to highlight blogs on mine next year though..

  12. Pat, these are all so wonderful, but I do have a favorite...Rosebud :)
    Happy Holidays...Jan

  13. Thanks, Jan. Glad you enjoyed them all xx

  14. Hi Pat, these roses are all so beautiful, impossible to choose for me, I like them all.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  15. Thank you Tito! So lovely to hear you like them all. Merry Christmas to you too xx

  16. Hi Pat. I do love reading all your thoughts and plans about creating your paintings. I must admit the simple rosebud is my favorite.
    I wish you and your husband and Misty a most wonderful Christmas!!! XX

  17. They are all wonderful!! My favorite might be the 4th; but the others are close behind. YOU inspire me to keep learning ;)

  18. wow Pat...these roses are truly spectacular. They are by far the hardest flower to capture inmy book, and you have done it in your usual elegant and masterful way. Thank you for sharing your process as well...lots here for me to absorb and learn from. Hugs and Christmas wishes to you and your family. xx

  19. Thanks, Kathryn - its my favourite too :) Thanks for the Christmas wishes - wish you all the best too :) xx

    Thanks, Tonya. I'm glad I can still inspire. *hugs* xx

    Thank you Dion. I hope you enjoy reading and re-reading, and learning too :) All the best to you and yours this Christmas.
    I do have one more painting I want done for Christmas.... so stay tuned :) xx

  20. Unas rosas preciosas!
    Felices Fiestas!

  21. Loved sharing your thoughts with these Pat and no surprise as to which is my favourite .... the rosebud. Simple, elegant, classy. ;-)

  22. Lovely rose paintings. they are all wonderful, I think my favorite is the bud

  23. Thanks, Maria xx

    Thank you, John. My favourite too - though not as simple as it looks! :) xx

    Thanks, Kyla xx

    Thank you Ann. The bud is a great favourite xx

  24. These roses are so gorgeous, specially I love the second and the fourth, but all really stunning! And I love to read about processes, so thank you very much, Pat. xox

  25. Oh what a majestic post as the year ends.. I loved these roses. But the one that stole my heart was the bud.. It is just mouth watering..

  26. They are all lovely and truly individual. My favorite though has to be the bud! It's a beauty!
    I'll be putting my last post up before the new year this afternoon or tommorow, so I may not be around to comment for a while after that because there are so many things I need to do in preperation for Christmas. So - please have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New-Year!

  27. Ciao Pat, I want farti gli auguri
    and thank you for the simpaty of your comment to my works...
    I am not so able to use the computer and I need a lot of time to comment the images that I see.
    May be next year I will be better...
    Ciao, auguri e abbracci, Floriana


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