Monday, 12 December 2011

Now we can relax!

 Here I am drawing in my sketchbook, with a very intent audience!

Was I drawing something so very fascinating to a dog? I don't think so.. just a negative drawing  ( where you put graphite all over the paper and draw your shapes with the eraser)

and a Christmas bauble

ah yes, Christmas bauble.. now I know why so intent..  because I mustn't forget a certain stocking...

and now its hanging in the fireplace a certain little dog can relax! :)


  1. Really like your graphite negative style Pat....what a great way to relax.

  2. Morning Pat! Lovely sketches! And I hope Missy gets in her stocking what she wished for!

  3. Thanks for letting us have a peek into your world of art, puppies and Christmas day dreams. A beautiful little story with a happy ending for your Missy. Loved your drawings. Must get out my sketchbook! Cheers!

  4. Lovely drawings, especially the first! Arianna

  5. What a cute stocking Missy has up by the chimney! And Pat, that is a beautiful fireplace!! It looks so very cozy and inviting!

  6. Missy knows best:-)) What a clever little dog she is! Nice drawings. Never tried creating with the help of the eraser, interesting...xx

  7. Cute Missy. Are you sure you are not hiding a treat under your sketchbook? :)

    I like the graphite technique too.
    Interesting results.

  8. What a neat technique that is. I'm glad Missy got her stocking hung. Wouldn't want Santa to forget her

  9. What a cute stocking, Pat, you're such a great mom for Missy!!! This post is absolutely adorable.xx

  10. Thanks everyone. :)
    Glad you like the sketches, the stocking, the fireplace and my Missy - who wasn't looking for a treat which I didn't have! She doesn't like me reading, drawing or tinkering on my tablet when I sit on the sofa - because of course, all the attention should be hers :lol:

  11. There, now she is all ready for Santa Claus!

    We bought a new art book for Seth. I am glad you showed what this was because it is one of the first things he will be doing.


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