Monday, 3 June 2013

A Challenge for June

Over at Painting Friends, we have a new challenge.
Its to paint something every single day in June!

Now, I haven't the time to post every day with a new painting, so I'm going to post once on a Monday, with everything I've done in the week previous.
That way I still have time to work, walk my mile a day and keep up the 5-times-a-day-exercises to repair the torn tendon in my ankle. Which is doing very well, getting more stable with each week that passes.

Anyway, to the painting:

June 1st and 2nd

 Leo II

Pear I


  1. Hi, Pat,
    Weekly is a good idea! Go for it! Take care.
    xxx Sadami

  2. I love the lion and the colours you used! Love the pear too! Good to read you are doing better, have a great week!

  3. That sounds like a good challenge and a motivator, until we consider how much time we have of course! I think you have it right to post once a week the paintings you have done during the week. Love these two, the shadow on the pear is great and as for Leo, he is wonderful. Glad your ankle is recovering (think I have one actually...suspect it has compensated for the other knee!!!)

  4. Wow - that's quite some challenge! I found it hard to do a daily sketch challenge, let alone a painting one! Enjoy! :0)

  5. Lovely paintings. I especially loved the pear. It is so simple and elegant.

    And I am so sad to hear about your ankle. Tendons take a long time to heal. I wish it does not take that long for you. Get well soon.

  6. that's quite a challenge. You're doing great so far, I like both of those.
    Glad to hear the ankle is doing better

  7. Two beautiful works, love the way you painted the pear and set it off with the shadow.

  8. Glad to hear you’re mending so well! :)

  9. Pat - the lion is so beautiful and your pear looks good enough to eat. You are wise about just posting once a week. Time is hard to find with all else going on. So glad your tendon is getting better - didn't realize you had torn it. (maybe missed a post or two - I try to keep up but sometimes I fall behind!!)

  10. Both very different, and both lovely. The texture you have created in the two paintings is great, Pat!
    I am happy to read your ankle is improving!Good for you for doing all those tedious exercises 5 x a week. :)

  11. Glad to hear recovery is going well, leave it to you to take on a challenge while facing a challenge :-)

  12. Sometimes it is difficult to conciliate our life and painting! Good idea to post weekly, Pat.Hope you recover soon from your torn tendon.Take care!

  13. Hi Pat, these two are a great start. Very nice paintings!

  14. Leo is cool! Good luck with the painting a day.


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