Monday, 10 June 2013

First full week of June Challenge

A painting a day. How hard can that be? Easy, right?
That's what I thought, but once you commit to say yes, sometimes inspiration flies out of the window. Or work gets busy, or there's the book needs attention and always there's the ongoing rehab for the ankle.

So on the days I got busy or inspiration was lacking, I fell back on my favourite fruit, the pear. Just so you know. It is possible to do the challenge, but sometimes a little leeway is needed. That's where my pears come in.

So sorry if I'm not around to visit blogs, but I need to do this. It felt as if some of my painting had become stale, so I'm hoping this will force me to be fresher and grow a little. In fact, perhaps if I'd done thirty different pears, I'd be forced to be even more creative!
But thirty different pears I have not done. I do hope you enjoy viewing what I have done. You'll see some experimentation over the next few weeks.
As ever, I do enjoy your comments, even if at the moment, I haven't the time to reply. Thanks for your patience as I try to grow as an artist.

The week's paintings.

Cider Days

Shepherd Snowman

Pear II

Poisoned Apple.

Roadside Flowers
Herb and Fruit.

Pear III

and finally, here's a bonus one - I had a lady ask me for a pencil drawing of one of her dogs. Not actually a June Painting - so I've not included it in the above section, but drawn in June, so here she is:



  1. A painting a day, I don't think I could do it! I like them all, but the negative painting of the roadside flowers is fenomenal! And Amber is great!

  2. Wow - that is a challenge an a half!! I found sketching daily hard enough, lol! And Pat you have grown as an Artist - You should do what I did a few months ago with my own work - Look back at your work at the very early stages of your blog - You'll be amazed how much better your work is now! I was horrified when I looked at some of my old stuff and promptly deleted a load of old posts, lol!
    By the way - I have just painted a pear too :0)

  3. Good for you Pat! I Couod use some inspiration, motivation, kick in the pants, myself. Enjoy!

  4. I love the flowers, nice the snowman! Good week, Arianna

  5. Hi Pat:)I love the paintings. Like Judy the roadside flowers is favorite. The one with the black outlines is so nice! All great job!

  6. Love the doggie, the roadside flowers, and the snowman! Don't overdo it though.

  7. The 'Roadside Flowers' are gorgeous! ♥{sigh}♥

  8. What a lovely selection of paintings. Well done you.

  9. Hi, Pat,
    Congrats, what a busy lady! Welldone!! Keep up.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  10. Thanks, everyone. The Roadside flowers and Cider Days are my favourites too :) Once I stopped to breathe, I realised there was time enough to make a beautiful painting!
    Now Sandra, why couldn't you have said that BEFORE I said yes to the June Challenge? ;) xx

  11. I know I'd have trouble producing a painting a day! Good luck, Pat! The Roadside Flowers and Herbs and Fruit are lovely and fresh!!!

  12. Well done, Pat, one paint a day is not easy at all! They are all lovely, Herb and fruit is my favourite, I loved the way you let the drawing lines showing! xx

  13. Pat - those cider days are beautiful as all your work. I smiled when I saw your shepherd snowman (I think that is creativity at its best)! I am sure the woman loved her dog's portrait. Bless you for sharing and have fun painting!

  14. pear ii ...very striking .... herb and fruit nice ...lots of work ... look forward to seeing your experimentation pat

  15. i love this idea, Pat. what a great way to commit to your art. the "hot" pear in pink and pink and red is my favorite. exciting colors in such a simple composition.


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