Monday, 24 June 2013

June Challenge paintings

In this set of paintings, there's one from a friend's photo, taken in Scotland.
In the others, I decided to take one drawing and then to be creative with it - and attempt to make six very different versions.
I've written what I did to each, for those who like to know these things!


Take One - the drawing
from this simple drawing, I attempted six creative versions

Take One - 1

watercolour, wet in wet first layer, wet on dry second, softening edges as I go.
Dabbed some white gouache with fine brush around seed head where dark paint felt too strong.

Take One - 2
watercolour, first layer wet in wet, second layer wet on dry, no softening edges and third layer wet on dry, again no softening of edges. Dabbed plain water with fine brush to lift clear spores around seed head.

Take One - 3

watercolour. first wash very wet, scrunch up a sheet of cling film and pressed into wet paint. Let dry for a few hours, remove. Second glaze of paint on outside leaves only. Seed head, shadows and background painted wet on dry.

Take One - 4

watercolour, first wash very wet and then table salt dropped in. Waited for a few hours to dry, then brushed salt off. Second wash wet on dry on outside petals only. Second wash on green background wet on dry, slight softening of edges. Seedhead and spores wet on dry.

Take One -5
watercolour, first wash wet in wet. Second on outer petals and background wet in wet again, taking care not to lift the first wash. Decided to use rigger to paint veins on internal petals - wet on dry. Spores and seedhead, wet on dry.

Take one - 6

watercolour, aquapasto, ink. The aquapasto (thickening medium) was added to each wash as it was in the palette. Then first wash was painted wet in wet. Second wash on outer petals and orange parts of inner, were painted wet on dry. Ink was used for spores and seedhead. Background around signature was one wash of pure watercolour.

That's been my creative week - I hope you've enjoyed watching what I've been experimenting with. There's one more week of the June Challenge left to do and I'm still aiming at a painting a day to complete it. Right now, I have no idea what I'll do for the final week, but I do hope you'll be back to see!


  1. Hi, Pat,
    Good on you! All the works are great. Particularly, the variation from a same drawing interested me most.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  2. I will be back to see. How creative of you. I find it interesting too, to see how you painting each one. Oh, and love the sheep painting.

  3. It's amazing how much you can do with just one subject - all such different results! I admire your productivity this week - Put's me to shame! :0)

  4. all of them are lovely. love how you did the different looks from one drawing.

  5. Take 4 is my favorite! I love the patterns that the salt makes. what a great idea, too, to try different methods of the same drawing.

  6. WOW! Each one is so different from the other. Amazing what you can do with just one subject! Very impressive!

  7. Your work is lovely! From your posts it seems you have a beautiful life. :)

  8. Love seeing your different approaches to the same subject!

  9. Hello Pat:) I was surprised to see all your paintings:) So difficult to say which one is most beautiful. At first I thought nr. 1 but on second thought it is going to be nr. 4, also because of the beautiful effect of the salt. Well done. I love them all:)

  10. Hmm... I can't decide whether I prefer 3, 5, or 6.

  11. Oh I've had a lovely browse dear Pat and came back to this one. They are all so beautiful.Hugs xx


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