Sunday, 30 June 2013

The end of the June Challenge

Today is the last day of the June Challenge - and I've done it!
A painting a day every day in June.

Here are the last seven paintings.

We'll start with this beauty

In the Wildflower Field

then Glass 1

with this one, I painted the glass and used some gentle washes in the background

Glass 2

with this one, I painted the paper with a light blue tint, then painted the shadows and shapes around where the glass was. This gave the impression of a glass vase, though I never painted that directly. Hope that makes sense.


of course, I've been watching the tennis at Wimbledon this year - and this is my little homage to the tradition of strawberries and cream.

Sailing Away

just a seascape from my imagination.. water, reflections, red boat, rugged mountain. I can taste the salt air, mmm !


a freehand set of fish, feeding in a pond

and finally, Splash!

a little flower, in watercolour, with touches of ink.

I hope you've enjoyed the June Challenge paintings - all thirty of them.

I also have some great news. One lady saw my pears and wanted all four.
She's agreed to sponsor a kennel at Battersea Dogs Home as payment.
As you all know, that's where my Missy came from. I couldn't be happier.

If you're wondering what's happening with my novel, there's a new post about it on my other blog HERE

Thanks for bearing with me through this Challenge. I'm going to continue to post once a week, because it gives me more time to come visit you  - and that is important to me. Now I'm going out to enjoy the Sunday sunshine. Tomorrow I'll come visiting. Cheers!


  1. Ottima chiusura del mese di giugno,splendidi lavori e un grande impegno!
    Complimenti Pat!!
    Un abbraccio e buona domenica!

  2. Hi, Pat,
    Congrats! Each work is so charming!!!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  3. I like a lot the painting "Breakfast", it's very original! Arianna

  4. Congratulations Pat! One painting a day is hardcore and you did it!

    In the Flower Field makes me smile like a fool, lucky dog :)

  5. I admire your determination and energy to take on such a challenge.
    I'm feeling I might try a July painting a day challenge.

    I'm partial to the flowers.

  6. Good for you for completing the 30-day challenge! That is something I couldn't do, even if I prepared 2 months in advance. :)
    I love the flowers in the glass paintings and "splash".
    Kudos to you on the "sale" of your pears, and having the buyer support the Battersea rescue - wonderful!!!

  7. Congratulations on this challenge, it takes some discipline to do a painting each day....I like them all, but my favourite is Breakfast, with the fish.

  8. I have so enjoyed following your challenge, so varied too. Well done. I send you a pat on the back

  9. good job on completing the challenge and you got some fabulous paintings out of it

  10. Pat congratulations on completing a painting for each day of June. I am so pleased about your pear paintings. I know that this means a lot to you because of Missy. I especially loved your flowers in the glass. Your work is all beautiful. Have a great day.

  11. I just LOVE your botanicals! ♥♥♥ Congrats on 30 paintings!

  12. Congratulations, Pat, on finishing the June challenge! I love the flowers! And also congrats on the pear paintings, such a good cause for the money!

  13. You have been busy! My favourite is 'Glass 1'. Beautiful! :0)

  14. well done pat ! you must be really pleased..i loved your pear paintings ... glass i and ii my favorite ...made perfect sense glass ii

  15. Been away for some time. Anyway congrats for finishing your June Challenge. And also for your pear paintings. I can see how you love dogs.

  16. Hi Pat

    I seem to have lost my original blog! I have tried to get it back but unable to so have decided to start a new blog with a similar name:

    Do hope you will follow,

  17. Pat, well done! I admire you for doing a painting a day for a month. Must try that sometime. Great way to push yourself and i love the results. Especially the little fish! Lovely work Pat.

  18. Good job! I just love the dog in the wildflower field.

  19. Wow, Pat! I love all of your paintings, especially In the Wildflower Field. What great news that the lady is going to sponsor a kennel. Good job!

  20. Hi Pat:) I enjoyed all of your paintings. All 30!~Your fishes are beautiful. Congrats with finishing the challenge. Good job!xx


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