Sunday, 12 July 2009

Journeying with watercolour and my dog

Nearly fourteen years ago, I gave up the day job to become a reflexologist.
The folks in the steady world of accountancy thought I was barking mad. I probably was. But I wouldn't change one second of it.
There's such freedom in being your own boss - and the break gave me an opportunity to return to one of my great loves - painting.

I went to daytime classes to fill up my days, initially; then as I got busier I swapped to evening classes.
I can still remember my first attempt at watercolour, and the memory makes me laugh. I used nearly a whole tube of red paint on one sunset. I was mighty proud of that sunset until the tutor looked at it and said "It looks like the Martians are coming!" It was a bit red.
I'd also not yet learned that watercolour is just that, water first and colour added - not a tube of paint and barely wet. My paintings are a touch different now. Sadly for you, I never photographed that painting, for sure you'd have laughed too.

One of my other great loves is my dog.

My first dog , Spotty, was a rescue from a bad situation with a neighbour. She was my introduction to the crazy world of jack russell terriers. She used to make me laugh and smile with her antics, yet she was just as obedient to me as any well trained guide dog. I loved her immensely. When she passed away aged 18, we rescued another - this time from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Missy was 8 years old when she came to stay, a brief history can be read here

She's settled in beautifully once we had a period of training and getting used to each other. Though I never thought I could love another dog the way I did Spotty, I do. Missy makes me smile on a daily basis, I love her immensely.
I'd always rescue. So many dogs turfed out through no fault of their own, yet as we can testify, they still make such loving and loyal companions.

So here we are, me and my dog and my watercolour paints, journeying through each day, with each day a treasure.


  1. Congratulations on your new site, Pat. I love it and look forward to visiting often!

    I remember when you painted the featured painting and I think it is one of your best. Is it difficult to paint something like that?


  2. Not difficult, Marie, but very interesting.
    You have to decide upon your colours, wet the paper profusely and apply your colour.
    Then you sprinkle sea salt where you think it will create the most interesting effect.
    Once that is done, you have to walk away and leave it to dry completely. If you move the salt before the painting has dried, the effect will be lost.
    There is no way of knowing exactly what effect you will attain - which is liberating, interesting and nerve-wracking all at the same time!

  3. Glad you got out of the rat race. Well done you, Just keep on enjoying it.


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