Friday, 17 July 2009

Summer School

Summer school for art club starts today!
Art club proper is on summer recess, the summer school is a couple of hours on a Friday where we all bring our own projects to work on. The tutor gives help and advice as necessary.

I have drawn a picture, which is now ready for painting and the first washes will be laid down today.

Here's the drawing:


  1. Looks like a German Shepard dog. Is that right?

    By wash do you mean a layer of watercolors? What colors will you start with?

  2. It is a German Shepherd - well spotted :)

    Yes, a wash is a layer of watercolour that usually covers a large area. For the background colours, I will try to make it look as if he set against the sky, so an ultramarine blue and probably a pale yellow ochre for the clouds.

  3. I'm just loving him already Pat.


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