Friday, 29 January 2010

Gordon - Stage II

The background washes go in.

Architecturally speaking, Gordon is not a Gargoyle, but a Grotesque.
The difference being, Gargoyles would have had a water spout for dispersing rain water - their main function.
Grotesques on church buildings were intended to keep evil outside the church, and possibly to remind people what hell was like if they didn't go in!

But, in common with many others, we call all our Grotesques, Gargoyles :)


  1. It's looking good Pat. I like your subtle blending of colours.

  2. Thanks, Beryl.
    The colours were run in, wet into wet - I love how they blend when you do that :)

  3. I'm liking it too Pat. Can't wait to see Gordon come to life.

  4. Thanks, Marie. xx
    He's a fun boy to paint :)

  5. Pat, I love the illusion of the water running the colors into to a blur. Great painting!

    Alma from Muy Chic

  6. Thanks, Alma - hope you enjoy all the stages xx


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