Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Kindly.. the drawing


was a Japanese Chin, greatly loved and sorely missed.

Kindly's owner worked in Battersea in the Veterinary department.
She was there when my Missy was resident, and had her in her care.

A small world that we should both meet on an online dog forum.

This painting is my thanks - in a small way - to the sterling job that Kindly's mum did for my Missy - and no doubt - for many other dogs.


  1. You must be delighted to have made contact with
    Kindly's owner Pat. It's a small world and reducing all the time through the internet.

  2. I am, Beryl. It was good to hear a personal experience of Missy at that time.
    I think it was nice for Kindly's mum to know the home that Missy got :)


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