Saturday, 23 January 2010

Kindly.......eyes and nose

now I am completely happy with the background, the cushions and the shadows -
I have painted Kindly's eyes and nose and a few grey hairs.

Now she starts to feel alive to me and I talk to her softly, telling her how loved she was and how much her mum loves and misses her.
The connection helps me to paint more feeling into each and every dog I paint.


  1. Kindly's character is showing already Pat. I can see the benefit of getting the features in first as it must be useful when you are building up the rest of the painting.

  2. Immensely useful, Beryl.
    I find it helps me feel the character of the dog, and that comes across in my brushwork .

  3. I am loving this one. It's got a feel to it like she's right there.

  4. Thanks, Heather. xx
    She does feel like she's just watching and waiting to come forward, doesn't she? :)


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