Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Missy becomes a Critic

So now, in the winter, I sit at the table and paint.
Nice big oak dining table, beautifully comfortable leather chairs.

Missy lies behind me under the radiator, keeping warm.

I get up to the computer to load the finished painting and look who's in my chair!

Thank heaven she approved of the painting :)


  1. Missy is very cute!

    I've awarded you a Sunshine Blog award, you can collect it from my blog here :)

  2. Missy is my favourite dog (after my two of course lol). Tilly's favourite trick is getting on the warm bit of the settee as soon as I get up :-)

  3. There's my girl--she's just keeping the chair ready for you Pat!

  4. I love that picture. Missy, of course but also the red flower in the back and the brick wall on the left.

  5. The red flower has a history, Marie.
    It a poinsettia and was bought as a present by Milo's mum when she came to pick up the painting "Go, Milo!"


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