Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Chelsea Flower Show

Its Chelsea Flower Show week!

I've been to Chelsea - a good few years ago now and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I've also been to Chelsea Physic Garden.. and that's well worth the visit if you are interested in herbs and plants as medicine.

So, in celebration of Chelsea, I decided to show you some of my very old flower paintings - done at the time when I was beginning to paint again and finding my feet with flowers :)


  1. c3 gotta be my favourite, what a fresh splash of leaves Pat!

  2. Thanks, Teresa xx
    C3 hung in my old house for a long time, I was so proud of it!

  3. Seth would enjoy these! I will show him. I like the first one the best I think...but I am alays drawn to bright colors!

  4. If you google Chelsea Physic Garden Tonya - Seth will love that .. all herbs and medicinal plants. Students go from around the world to study there!


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