Friday, 28 May 2010

Cone Head Missy

Our girl Missy had to have an operation last week to remove a lump from her leg.
She behaved like an angel at the vets - and they took great of her.

Many thanks to Karen and Diane at Goddards Vets, Oxlow Lane. You're the best!

Within two days Missy was up and wanting to go for walkies.
Because the little tinker was trying to wash her stitches off, we've had to keep the cone on.
Here she is - and still that glorious tail wags :)

The stitches are due to come out tomorrow - and we are all looking forward to it - and to a weekend of good sleep!


  1. Still 'smiling' as well as wagging her tail!
    She's a lovely girl Pat, all three of you will be so glad to see the end of the 'cone'.
    Good luck for tomorrow, I know she will be such a good girl yet again.
    Happy zedding!!

  2. I'm sure she'll be good at the vets too - she's come such a way under their good care.
    We're thankful its a three day weekend this weekend, we were planning some home improvements, but not any more. We'll be chilling in the garden if the weather is good. We didn't realise how clingy and demanding Missy would be. I am so glad we never became late parents... I have a new understanding of the exhaustion a dependant little one can bring!

  3. LOL, Exhausting indeed! Especially for late parents! I am glad that Missy has such good parents. Have a lovely weekend, Pat.

  4. Thanks Tonya. xx
    You know exactly what I mean - I am thankful mine will stop after 10 days, I couldn't manage having years of being that tired. My hat is off to you :)


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