Monday, 10 May 2010

Waking, sleeping and a special blankie.

We took some beautiful pics of Missy this weekend, so I wanted to share them.
Firstly, Paul took one of her after she had just woken from being asleep on my lap.....

and then I took one when she retired to a very special blankie, that was Spotty's. I recently came across it in one of the boxes I was unpacking. I scrunched it up and held it close, remembering my first girl. When I put it on the sofa, Missy jumped straight up on it and curled up! No sniffing, no turning, just a comfortable curl and sleep.
My precious girls.


  1. Missy is such a special girl. I always find your relationship so touching. Lovely photos xxx

  2. Thanks Sarah xx
    I see our relationship a bit like a blacksmith and his work.. once forged through toil and fire, it is immensely strong. We do have a close bond :)

  3. So sweet that she took to that blankie without a sniff, dig, or curl. I wish that I could visit. I am afraid it's a bit far.

  4. I know, I was almost dreading in case she shredded it. I was so amazed how comfortable she felt on it.
    I wish you could visit too, Tonya. Sadly the distance is a large one :(

  5. I love those Pat. She looks like a babe in that first shot just waking up. Then the cuddling one has her grown up again and appreciating the honor of using the blankie. What a girl.

  6. I thought you'd love them when you saw them, Marie. She's a great girl for sure!

  7. What a lovely babe you have there Pat.

  8. Thanks Jeanette - and welcome xx


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