Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Miss Daisy Declares..

Here is Miss Daisy.

I think I have finished her.. but I may yet revisit and add in some foreground darks.

I need to think on that a bit before I declare Daisy completely finished.


  1. She looks so sweet, Pat. Thanks for the WIP.

  2. Cows have such soft facial contours Pat. Perhaps softening the edges might be an idea.

  3. Paul thinks this cow is chewing on a wasp, Beryl! :lol:
    I think I shall paint some grasses in and see how I feel about her then :)

  4. I've been catching up on Painting Miss Daisy and reading the comments. LOL at Paul's wasp. I tend to agree with him and also with Beryl about the softness of cows. But actually, Pat captured the look on the cows -- very stern -- like they were thinking 'you want this grass? -- try and get it.' LOLOL

  5. Thanks, Marie. There's the benefit of both of us having seen the photo.. we know Miss Daisy was a grumpy old cow :lol:


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