Saturday, 29 May 2010


Missy's stitches came out today - and she behaved beautifully at the vet.
She sat still and kept her eyes on me whilst the vet removed all 14 stitches, making not one murmur :)

The lump turned out to be a soft tissue sarcoma.We have to keep an eye on it to ensure it doesn't grow back, but its not a spreading type and Missy doesn't need chemo.

Won't be hard to keep an eye on this little beauty !


  1. I feel like an Auntie to Missy even though I've never met her. She is a good, brave girl!

  2. Thanks, Tonya. xx

    She has that effect on a lot of people. Bless her heart, she's everybody's dog, we are just the fortunate ones who get to keep her in our house *hugs*

  3. Good girl Missy.

    Encouraging news for us all and particularly for her mum and dad!!

  4. That is good news to hear. Animals are like children, you can't help but feel concerned for them too. I'd be so upset if it was my pet.

  5. It is good news, really Arty. The cancer could have been worse - but at least it is localised and now that its been removed, it may never grow back. And Missy is behaving as if nothing was ever wrong! I bet if it happened to me, I wouldn't be so stoic :)


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